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The Hogan Family

Little Nicholas has an enviable energy level and his parents get huge kudos on keeping up with him!! We all met at Duke Gardens on a gorgeous morning and took advantage of pretty much having the park to ourselves. As a tree-hugging liberal myself, I always like to see the kids start young… This is […]

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the very, very first day of kindergarten, ever.

My itty, bitty baby, my very tiny infant girl, my daughter…well, she somehow …and I simply don’t know how… well, she went ahead and started her very first day of kindergarten last week. I mean, c’mon, look at that gigantic backpack! Even though we were eager to get there, she allowed her dad to take […]

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the duncan family (just for you, marty!)

I had to call them the Duncan Family, even though they are technically the McConchie family – but I have photographed Charee, Marty and the family several times over the years, and I still keep referring to them by her maiden name. Duh. I visited the Duncan/McConchie’s in their adorable new home in Chapel Hill […]

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Tara & Greg

I met Tara when I was adopting our son, Caleb. She was working at the adoption agency at the time, and I always thought she was so friendly and bright and, even more important, helpful…so when she called our studio to book a session with her and her husband, Greg, I immediately started looking forward […]

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kim & ed – the wedding

Kim &amp; Ed had been dating for over 7 years before they decided to get married. Their friends &amp; family all joked with them that it was about time, and I always find it interesting to see how a couple who have been together for years &amp; years will interact with each other at their […]

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jim & krystal

Jim always wanted to make sure his proposal of marriage to Krystal would be a memorable one. Their weekend began with a drive to Georgia for a planned triathlon, where he gave the hotel clerk instructions to deliver a mystery package to Krystal at 5:45am the next morning. This was the beginning of an incredibly […]

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