kim & ed – the wedding

Kim & Ed had been dating for over 7 years before they decided to get married. Their friends & family all joked with them that it was about time, and I always find it interesting to see how a couple who have been together for years & years will interact with each other at their wedding ceremony. Kim was far more nervous than she thought she’d be but with a great humor, too. And there was such genuine affection, love, and excitement between them on the big day. They had a blast at their big party and truly enjoyed every part of it. Things even started off in good spirits…

The wedding was simple, elegant & beautiful, exactly what they’d wanted.

I love the “just married” part of the day!

Off to the HUMMER LIMO

The reception was at Prestonwood Country Club, where they always do such a great job. Kim and Ed are big travelers, so they marked all the tables as destination spots with little stories about what kind of experiences they’d had in each of the locations. Their table was marked “Belize”, for their honeymoon spot, the New Adventure 🙂

Light & Shadows & Bustling

Striking a pose, Ed did not want to be outdone!

The toasts & cake

It’s hard to best the sweet emotion with fathers & daughters and mothers & sons.

There was no shyness on the dance floor that night!

I love this little guy. He kept launching himself toward me – although, in all fairness, I did nothing to dissuade him but laugh and capture him in mid-leap…

The Beautiful Exit!!!

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