jim & krystal

Jim always wanted to make sure his proposal of marriage to Krystal would be a memorable one. Their weekend began with a drive to Georgia for a planned triathlon, where he gave the hotel clerk instructions to deliver a mystery package to Krystal at 5:45am the next morning. This was the beginning of an incredibly elaborate scavenger hunt, as she reads her first set of instructions about a contact named Jack and a bag of survival gear (including maps, brochures, snacks and duct tape). Nearly immediately afterwards, she receives a call from Jack to come outside to board an shuttle, to the airport. At the airport, Krystal receives a Starbucks gift certificate for $5 and an executive lounge pass from the ticketing agent. On the plane, Krystal receives another package from a flight attendant with additional instructions. By the time she arrives in the Dominican Republic (!!!) and follows clues to check into a specific hotel room, and she finds a change of clothes laid out for her, her bewilderment and enthusiasm blend together just in time for to to meet Jim on the beach, greeting her with a rose & a scrapbook … and a heartfelt proposal of marriage. At that point, she knew exactly who she was saying yes to, and all the Big Love that would come with him. Fast forward to the actual wedding day, and this couple wanted nothing less than a fun, energetic wedding where they could just be their own happy selves! The ceremony and reception were both at The Prestonwood Country Club and designed as a black & white wedding, so of course I shot a lot of it in black & white 🙂

I love this smile and the fabulous light spilling all about her…

What multi-tasking women!!!

Our sweet ring bearer and his funny daddy…

Jim & Krystal wanted a moment together beforehand but without actually seeing each other first. They shared some intimacy and then, because they were who they were, they shared some goofiness 🙂

An interesting groom’s portrait followed by a great face of laughter…

Wonderful soft light coming through those doors with Krystal and her adoring dad.

This series is quite telling – the gravity and great feeling coupled with the joy and laughter…

The Right After…

Krystal’s excellent “I don’t think so, buddy – step away from the bridesmaids!”

Love this moment…and no less wonderful in reflection.

Jim’s Derek Zoolander impression was spot on.

The exhuberant wedding party!

The whole bridal party exhibited some awesome party moves with their entrance, but Jim outdid them all, eveman managing to surprising Krystal in the process (who, of course, just went with it!)

First Dances – how can you not just melt at moms and dads finally letting go?

And the party starts…

And one of the best exits, ever!

A special thanks to Michael for shooting this wedding with me and helping me to pound through a bunch of equipment changes keeping up with a fast-paced, and FUN day!

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