WPPI wrapup, part 1

WPPI 2010 was a truly phenomenal experience – with estimates ranging from 12,000 to 16,000 photographers trekking out to Las Vegas (anybody know what the final number was??), it was quite a show, and I was grateful to be any part of it. Speaking to over a thousand looked-so-beautiful-to-me photographers at my platform speech was a serious honor. Was blown away by the great energy in that (wow, large) room 🙂 Before WPPI officially kicked off, though, I partnered with Audrey Woulard to conduct a shooting clinic at the MGM Grand. We were lucky enough to keep company with some lovely child models who were great fun to chase / stalk around the hotel. I’m always so impressed with how quickly photographers return from workshops and send out messages, leave facebook posts or write wonderful blog posts about their experiences, complete with the great images they got of the models. A big thanks to Jennifer Otchy Photography, Aneca Photography, Color Me Jill Photography, Ashley Tyler Photography. and Nikki P. Photography for their lovely feedback about it … I could go on, but this is getting a bit link-nutty 😉 I’ll be announcing details very shortly for a new one-day workshop in my studio in North Carolina on Monday, August 16th. If you’re interested, feel free to contact the studio to get on an interest list 🙂 Some fun images from the workshop … (and another big thank you to Buckeye Color Lab for being the major sponsor!)

Showcasing how slight adjustments within seconds can change the look & feel of an image…

adorable good-sport photographers 🙂

shot against a wide open window…

another peak at photographers 😉

an exercise in working with extremely bad lighting – how to get creative with minor additional lighting, especially when working with the cutest little smiles…

Such thanks to all the kids & parents who brought their great energy to the workshop … and, um, sorry again about that boudoir shoot that started up right next to the kids while they were waiting for us to start shooting – quite unexpected, I assure you 😉

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