WPPI 2016 + $500 Adorama Giveaway


WPPI 2016 in Las Vegas & $500 Giveaway from Adorama

This is my 12th WPPI. What?! Crazy. WPPI feels like a summer camp for photographers, coming back to the MGM in Las Vegas for this week of festivities. Even though I can technically only be there for five days, I definitely have more than a week’s worth of events, speaking engagements, interviews, demos and more planned – so I’m just calling it a week. 

This post lists out the events that I’m a part of this week AND includes a $500 (!!!) giveaway from Adorama, which I’ll be awarding to one lucky commenter on this post. One of my favorite parts of going back to WPPI is catching up with so many friends from all over the world (not a light phrase; quite literally, from nearly every continent) and sharing not just a passion for photography but also sharing details from our lives, the major milestones we are all experiencing. Whether or not you are going to WPPI, I’d love to hear from you: Who is someone you love reconnecting with, whether you see them once a year, once a decade, or once an hour – and why? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and we’ll choose one lucky commenter to gift a $500 gift card to Adorama, to spend however you wish on their 80 million+ products!!

And if you are coming to WPPI, I hope to see you at one of the following programs. I hope you come up and say hi and we get a chance to connect.

This will be the first year I haven’t judged the WPPI International Print Competition in a while, something I normally quite enjoy doing. But this year it falls before my son’s birthday, so the timing just doesn’t work. Interestingly enough, though, WPPI has asked me to co-host their rather glamorous 2016 WPPI Awards Show at the end of the week, along with my friend Jerry Ghionis, which is an amazing honor – and also quite makes up for having to miss out on judging it this year!

WPPI 2016, Tamara Lackey, Tamara Lackey Photography

With Jerry Ghionis, Sally Sargood and Melissa Ghionis at the 2015 WPPI Awards Show at the MGM in Las Vegas

Here’s What’s on The WPPI 2016 Agenda:

Sunday, March 5

During the day: I’m be spending nearly all day filming my web series, the reDefine Show. I’ve been filming this show for the last 4 1/2 years now, and every episode has aired on the AdoramaTV channel, with 400K subscribers and growing. I’m grateful for their continued sponsorship of the program, and for all those who have shared these interviews over the years.

I’ve had the great pleasure of speaking with creatives at the top of their field and learning more about how they make the work they love work. This includes creatives from all types of fields: comedy, acting, journalism, photography, cinematography, entrepreneurs, and more. Guests have included people like my dear friend ESPN Anchor Stuart Scott, Comedian Paula Poundstone and TV Host Katie Brown, as well as photographers and filmmakers Art Streiber, Chase Jarvis, Jeremy Cowart, and Vincent LaForet.

On this first day in Las Vegas, I’ll be doing a whole crop of new interviews for AdoramaTV with some rather striking individuals, including Luke & David Edmonson, Brooke Shaden, Mike Colon, Kenna Klosterman, Jen Rozenbaum, Jeff Rojas, Fundy, and Kenny Kim.

Tamara-Lackey-WPPI-2016 7

Photo by Erin Costa

Monday, March 6

Monday 10AM – 11AM: I’ll be joining my friends at Nations Photo Lab, in their always beautifully-designed space for a proper WPPI Expo Kick-Off Gathering. Join us for Mimosas (or just an OJ!) at their booth and feel free to spin their prize wheel. They will be giving away a ton of stuff, including multiple copies of my new Family Posing Playbook.


Monday 2PM: I’ll be speaking at Profoto, on the Expo Floor, speaking to new clips I’ve filmed to illustrate “Shooting Portraits in Action”! Check out their lineup of speakers – they have quite a program going.

Tamara Lackey, WPPI 2016, Profoto Global, Tamara Lackey

3:30PM: I’ll be speaking at the Nikon Theater,  presenting a program on Expressive Portraits and doing a Live Shoot, shooting with the beautiful, extremely brand new Nikon D5!

WPPI 2016, Tamara Lackey, Tamara Lackey Photography

During the day: I’ll be Filming more reDefine Show interviews, with Tony Corbell and Kelly Brown.

WPPI 2016, Tamara Lackey, Tamara Lackey Photography

Last year’s reDefine Show filming team: Yesenia Bocanegra, Sarah Coppola, Rebecca Faulk, me, and Erin Costa

Monday at 6PM: I’ll be gathering with a number industry friends for an evening to memorialize our friend Bill Hurter, prolific writer and previous editor for Rangefinder Magazine and After Capture – and all-around great human being.

Tuesday, March 7

Tuesday 7AM: I’ll be waking up bright and early and hopefully maintaining the “awake” portion long enough to participate in the 7am WPPI Fun Run to benefit Beautiful Together. We helped produce it this year and are grateful for all those who will help support children waiting for families, while also running an iconic route to the Vegas sign and back (with the option to stop for photos at the sign). Join us to run or walk the 4-mile route – or choose what I bet will be the popular Sleep In Option!

Every registered participant receives a newly-designed, way-comfortable, very cool race shirt. Register here!

WPPI Fun Run, Beautiful Together, Tamara Lackey, Vegas Sign

Tuesday 10AM – 11AM:  I’ll be racing back from the race to shower, change and get over to Nations Photo Lab for Mimosa Tuesday! More prize wheel, more awesome NPL products, and more copies of my new Family Posing Playbook will be won! Join us.


Tuesday 12:30PM:  I’ll be speaking at the Nikon Theater, presenting a program on Expressive Portraits and doing a Live Shoot, shooting with the beautiful, beautiful amazingly brand new Nikon D5!

WPPI 2016, Tamara Lackey, Tamara Lackey Photography

Tuesday 4PM:  I’ll be presenting my Platform Presentation on Modern Portrait Photography (reserve your spot here!), which will include a private concert by Tyler Stenson, thanks to Triple Scoop Music! If you haven’t heard Tyler’s music, you should definitely check out this incredible singer-songwriter.

WPPI 2016, Tamara Lackey, Tamara Lackey Photography, Tyler Stenson, Sirius

Tyler will kick off my program, singing to a video of my work I put together, and then he’ll hang out after the program is done to deliver a small, private concert to everyone who wants to stay for a bit. Such a treat.

My brand new program is all about Modern Portrait Photography, and I’m very proud of this comprehensive presentation, which will include a number of new images and a variety of behind-the-scenes footage shot just to illustrate sections of my program. You can pre-board to ensure you get a spot here. Big thanks to Nikon, Nations Photo LabImagely, Animoto and Adorama for sponsoring!


Tamara-Lackey-WPPI-2016 6

Wednesday, March 7

During the morning: I’ll be filming more reDefine Show interviews with Rocco Ancora and Ashley & Graham Scobey!

Wednesday at 2pm: I’ll be giving a presentation on posing & lighting at Adorama, on the Expo Floor, and making time for some Q&A. I’ll also be giving away some really fun prizes from Adorama after the talk!


Wednesday at 6PM: For the first time ever, I will be co-hosting The 2016 WPPI Awards Show with Jerry Ghionis!  I’ve attended this show a number of times, and I’ve been greatly surprised/shocked at this show a time or two, but hosting is a whole new thing. I’m quite looking forward to it.

WPPI 2016, Tamara Lackey, Tamara Lackey, Jerry Ghionis

Jerry Ghionis hosting the 2015 WPPI Awards Show

Thursday, March 9

Thursday at 10AM:  Photographer’s Ignite – I will be joining eleven other speakers as we speak for exactly 5 minutes each. This year I’ll be speaking on How Much You Don’t Need to Know to Change The World, sharing some of the history, projects, and struggles of our work with Beautiful Together – including just how much we haven’t known each step of the way. Spoiler alert: It’s been a lot ; )

Past Photographer’s Ignite talks that I’ve done include: How to Know Someone in Under Five Minutes, I’ve Got To Be Honest: The Fascinating Truth About Lying, and The Meaning of Life, Host Kevin Kubota always does a great job bringing this event every year.

Whew! And that will be the entire week – I fly home on Thursday.

If you cannot make it out to WPPI 2016, check out my announcing-here-first 3-Day Portrait Photographer’s Workshop, taking place in my Durham, North Carolina studio this May 3rd – 5th. I shared this workshop opening with a waiting list we had first, so there’s only a few spots left now. If you’d like to join us, check out all the details (and link to register) here.

WPPI 2016, Tamara Lackey, Portrait Photographers Workshop, Portraits, Children's Portraits

We are quite proud of our 100% photographer’s recommendation rating after years of doing this workshop, tweaking and updating it each and every time we do it. You can see lots and lots (and lots) of feedback from all our workshops here! At this point, this is the only workshop we have planned left for the year- our two in Dubai sold out – so, if you’re interested, let us know!

WPPI 2016, Tamara Lackey, Portrait Photographers Workshop, Portraits, Children's Portraits

If you magically made it all the way to the end of this post, congratulations. That’s seriously impressive.

I really look forward to reading your comments and choosing a winner for the $500 gift card to spend at Adorama! Take a moment to think about who in your life you love connecting with – and share with us here. The winner will be chosen very soon!

168 responses to “WPPI 2016 + $500 Adorama Giveaway”

  1. Karen says:

    Whoa. That’s a packed week for you. I love connecting with my peers all over the world too! Sadly no WPPI for me, but I guess social media will do. Enjoy your 5 day week!

  2. Gordon Jones says:

    Always enjoy your thoughts and instruction.

  3. Have fun in Vegas! I really need to get to WPPI again.

  4. Claire Y. says:

    I always love reconnecting with my siblings. I am one of seven kids and we are all so different. Most of my siblings have children and it is so fun watching my son with his cousins — and photographing them all! These are the people with whom I can be my silliest and most vulnerable, and they are some of my biggest champions when it comes to pursuing my work.

  5. I love connecting with my best friend of 30 years, Cathy. Although we live on opposite sides of the country and only see each other once a year or so, and sometimes months go by without even talking, we always pick up just like it was yesterday. We would be there for each other in a second if there was ever a need. Friendships like ours don’t come around every day and I truly cherish it.

  6. Christin C says:

    I especially love connecting with my kids in the little moments. I’m trying to be better at balancing those moments and whether I should try to capture them on camera or just enjoy them.

  7. I’m inspired inspired by your work, and while I won’t be able to attend WPPI, I will certainly continue to follow along with your adventures, your projects, and your passions!

  8. Becky Brooks says:

    Your WPPI schedule has more things on it than I intend to do all year.

  9. Carey Hough says:

    Man I am beyond bummed to be missing WPPI and all the fun this year – looks to be such a good time! I was hoping to get there to meet up with all the great photographer and industry friends I’ve made so far on this journey. Hopefully next year I can convince my girl Lara to come. Forget for a minute that she’s super talented (actually don’t forget – girl has skills!), but she is one of those souls that we can not talk for a couple months, then pick up the phone and seem like we just talked for 3 hours the day before. We’re kindred spirits on a similar journey through this crazy photo world, and although we don’t get to see each other in person often, it fills my cup so much when we catch up.

    Have fun at WPPI. Stock up in coffee. Lots and lots of coffee!

  10. ERIN Pitcher says:

    Wow! I don’t know how you will fit all that into your week. But I’m sure it will be a great time for you to connect with others. I love connecting with people who inspire me and support me.

  11. Tiffany says:

    That is a crazy schedule! I hope you have the most amazing time taking it all in! So fun! I wish I could make it and do the fun run! Someone that I love to reconnect with is my husband. He works long shifts so it often feels like we go a week without seeing each other. I’m so thankful my job allows us to get away every once in a while for a night. And SO THANKFUL for grandmas and grandpas who help make it possible for us to look each other in the eye and not be distracted :). Marriage is such a gift and covenant and I’m grateful to have a man that fight for our time and relationship.

  12. Kasia Gilbert says:

    I am so excited to be with my BFF again. We got into photography together and went to our first WPPI together almost 5 years ago! Crazy. Well, anyway being in the military we don’t get to see each other as often so getting to do what we are both passionate about together and catch up is priceless! I am so stinking excited!!!

  13. Becky says:

    WPPI is on my list! Two little babies right now that need their Mama make it too hard to make it!

  14. Melany says:

    I love connecting with my parents. Not a day goes by I don’t talk to my Mom and Dad. I know I’m one of the lucky ones.. to have these two amazing people in my life. They taught me above all else- be kind.
    And that is my greatest hope for my kids, that I raise them to be kind.
    And they also watch my kids every year while I learn, dance and connect with friends at WPPI 🙂

  15. Mary Gajda says:

    Sadly, no PPI for me this year. I went last year and hope to go again in 2017 to reconnect with two lovely gals named Lucinda and Meika; who I spent a great deal of time at the last PPI with, along with my business partner.

    Sounds like you have an amazing week planned; hope to catch you next time!

  16. Julie Larson says:

    Wow! You’ll be busy! Mimosa Monday sounds delightful and hopefully I will see you speak at Profoto!

  17. Can’t wait to join your class this year! This is my first year with a full pass and I’ll be taking full advantage! Looking forward to seeing you 🙂

  18. Lisa Hall says:

    I love connecting with my high school friends! It makes me feel young again! Enjoy WPPI – maybe some day I can make it!

  19. Jane Brown says:

    Can’t wait for the education, inspiration, and amazing workshops to begin! A week I look forward to every year and this time again with my very best friend and fellow photographer!!!

  20. Amy says:

    I love catching up with my college roommates. We’re like sisters even though it’s a long time between visits. They know me from such a formative time in my life… And truly helped shape who I am. There’s nothing like being with them! I can’t wait for our reunion this summer!!!

  21. Looking forward to my first WPPI!

  22. Terri Bryant says:

    I will be at WPPI as well! I had the pleasure of hearing you speak in the past and really enjoyed it. Hope to see you there!

  23. Favorite person to reconnect with is an easy one. That’s mom, who at 88 is living at the Jewish Home in NYC.

    I see her about 3 days a week and we have good days and not so good days.

    It is humbling seeing someone who changed your diapers depend on others for the same at this stage of life. We are thankful for the folks who do that work with care and empathy.

    The moments of clarity and connection and the expressions of love that come on the good days are to be treasured.

  24. Rick says:

    I always look forward to attending WPPI and meeting the vendors in person I use all year. I have attended the classes in the past and love your style of teaching.

  25. Linda says:

    I love reconnecting with my husband. We have been married for 33 years and he has had crazy work schedules for most of them. It’s good when we can spend time with each other and know we have each other’s backs, and still believe in our dreams we had when we were youths.

  26. Thats in interesting question. I like to reconnect with one of my exbossrs. Mr Morales. I learned a lot working with him. Gave me great life and work advise.

  27. Wow…sounds like an amazing and busy week!! Loved meeting and chatting with you the last time I was there!

    Have an amazing time!

  28. Jessica says:

    Family. We are so spread out over the US and I love any moments we get to see each other in person!!!

  29. Vince says:

    That’s easy: my dad. He doesn’t say as much these days when we get together, but when he does, it’s always with a laugh, and it’s always meaningful.

  30. Emily Calkins says:

    WPPI will be fantastic! Wish I was going, but I have two friends going. I told them your talks were not to be missed. Love Jerry too! Now I need to put that workshop on my birthday wish list and fast!! I always love your pics!

  31. Linda Morrow says:

    I have attended WPPI twice before. Unfortunately I can’t be there this year but I remember how inspiring each of the sessions were. I came back with so much enthusiasm to get to work!! I remember seeing you on the expo floor giving an in-booth tutorial. (I whispered to my husband “OMG that’s Tamara Lackey!” I’m such a dork. I so hope to get back there again soon!

  32. Carolyn Ryan says:

    In complete honesty, you have always been one of the people I love reconnecting with, even though it has now been a few years. My last trip to WPPI was in 2013, but from 2011 – 2013, I attended no less than 5 of your classes at various conferences, CreativeLive, and Adorama NYC, and every time you updated your presentation and content, and I absolutely learned a ton during each and every presentation. But I also always loved getting to connect with you outside of your classes – your energy and positivity is something that just spreads to everyone around you, and you have had such an amazing positive impact on people’s lives. And even when I haven’t seen you in person, you have still been able to have such a positive impact on my life and have helped me more than you can imagine. I can remember a night when I my dreams that were so close were seemed like they were slipping away due to news of my husband’s relocation, and when I needed someone to tell me it would all be ok – you were there for me. You took the time to quickly respond despite all your own tasks, and by the time I woke up, I had the best email in my inbox – one that I have re-read on many occasions since. Just look at your insanely busy schedule that you have laid out for just one week at WPPI, but what isn’t listed is the number of photographers you will inspire during your time. Safe travels and thanks for all you do.

  33. I love reconnecting with my friend that loves a few states away. We met in 6th grade at church. It seems no matter what’s happened since we last talked or how long its been, we can always pick up like it was yesterday. We laugh so much when we’re together and I treasure her friendship.

  34. Kathleen says:

    My best friend from high school (1975). We are on opposite coasts but have kept each other in our hearts all these years. We may go a long time without talking but when we do, it just picks up like we’ve never been apart.

  35. Tanya Sains says:

    That sounds like a blast, especially the Mimosas ????????
    I have colleagues that turned friends from all over the world as well. I would love to travel like a gypsy and visit more often, but it’s just not in the picture right now. Those closest friends, however when we are face to face it’s like time never skipped a beat and it just flows instantly back to a time and place we’ve always loved. There are acquaintances and those I call my people…. Love them all.

  36. Yvette says:

    I love to reconnect with my a nun I worked with! She has such a dry wit combined with her total honesty that I laugh a lot with her. Who would have thought that nuns could be so much fun? Love your blog. The picture of the little boy with plate of food tore at my heart. Re

  37. Gayle Mallorie says:

    I have a wonderful friend who has struggled over the years. I’ve spent time with her in all sorts of places as we just talk and she tries to heal from her past. We spent hours laying on the floor, gazing at the stark white ceiling and just talking when she was a mere 100 pounds and fighting for her life in the eating disorder program house. She’s my friend and confidant and has been since I was 16. Connecting with her is what brings me joy every time we see eachother. Seeing her healthy, happy, thriving in life is something I never take for granted. She is the one I treasure connecting to the most.

  38. Alexis says:

    Cousins! I love reconnecting with all my cousins who now live in multiple states. We have so many awesome childhood memories to share while creating new ones together.

  39. Tammy says:

    Looking forward to WPPI and seeing you in a platform class or booth presentation. I do enjoy meeting new and different photographers each year. This will be my 3rd WPPI. There is one photographer I look forward to reconnecting with each year. Tim, a traumatic brain injury survivor, always puts a smile on my face with his dry sense of humor and raw sarcasm. I feel some weird connection to him because I lost a seven-year-old sister to a traumatic brain injury in 1984. I love that he is a physical testament to medical advancements and technology.

  40. Jennifer Genevish says:

    Good luck at WPPI, the event is on my bucket list. I am sure u will rock it! Keep on inspiring others!

  41. I’m mosty excited about the expo. There are a lot of vendors I’ve built relationships with over the years and after so mamy emails back and forth, it’s nice to see them face-to-face.

  42. Roger says:

    You have a busy schedule Tamara.

    I love reconnecting with my college friends – we were volunteer firefighter/paramedics together. Even after all the years, it’s still a bond that connects us, no matter what industry we got into after college. Some stayed in the industry, others became police officers, lawyers, or me in the accounting world. Those intense memories of the time on emergency calls will always be a link, no matter how long ago.

  43. Will Warren says:

    What an exciting week! I’ve always loved attending conferences and learning about new and upcoming trends and technology.

  44. Mawiyah says:

    I adore reconnecting with my Saturday morning hiking crew!! We meet once each week and hike up a different trail or waterfall or mountain! It’s so refreshing catching up with everybody and working up a sweat!

    Ive been hiking just over a year and I’ve made lifelong friends and developed the best butt of my life 🙂

  45. Jeffery says:

    I would love to watch that live shoot! But since I don’t live in Las Vegas, I’ll have to settle for a chance at a $500 gift card…

    Thanks Tamara and Adorama!

  46. Funny you should ask. I just did another session this week for my favorite client. This family has been with me from the very beginning. In fact, they are the ONLY ones who have been with me from the beginning! I don’t have a big list of clients who use me year to year unfortunately. My business never seemed to really take off even though I’m going on 4 years now. Anyway, they actually found me through a Living Social deal (like Groupon). They are not wealthy by any means, but they value photography. I’ve pretty much photographed their entire extended family now and we’re friends on Facebook and regularly comment on each other’s day-to-day lives. My pictures are all over their walls and the appreciation I feel for them is so immense.

  47. Love to catch up with my grandmother, no matter how long or far away I am. We always pick up like we never were two states away. Plus you will never laugh as hard within 5 minutes of sitting down with her and just talking. That and you cannot beat grandma’s food lol

  48. Really wish I could be connecting with YOU, as I could hopefully catch some of your energy that you radiate! Right now, trying to connect with my 2 teen high school boys. They have a few years left at home, but I can already feel them moving towards the door as their independence grows. It’s a bitter sweet time for sure. For the record, you are living my dream, as your sponsors are my favorite -seriously! Drooling over the Nikon D5 and hoping to use that gift certificate towards that purchase. Adorama is one of my favorite go to stores for equipment, and they are awesome! Sadly, can’t make WPPI, but I’ll be here in ATL toasting to you with Mimosa Mondays remote!

  49. Tana Teel says:

    I love reconnecting with my bestie almost everyday on the phone, as we live on opposite ends of the country. We graduated together in a small town, as acquaintances, then years later through photography reconnected and have became best friends over the last several years. We support each other in daily life dramas, and relish the moments we share our creative ideas for latest photography ideas, sending images to each other. Everyday we connect is a new day, new laughs, and new creativity born.

  50. Joy Milligan says:

    SO excited to be attending WPPI for the first time! I will be sure to stop by my fav lab and have a mimosa with you on Monday!
    So…. for my 50th birthday a few years ago now…
    I wanted to reconnect with friends from my grade school in my home town. Got together with another friend and threw a big 5 0 bash for all 37 of us! I hadn’t seen most of these women since jr & sr high school. So much fun hearing about their lives. Life is short and the most important part is time spent with people,that’s why I’m so passionate about stopping time and freezing memories with photography.
    See you soon! Eeek so excited!!

  51. Laura Dienzo says:

    Boy do you have a full week at WPPI! I love seeing familiar faces like yours and others who have inspired me at WPPI over the past five years. Actually I love connecting with my husband while are attending. I’m so thankful that he comes along with me and we go to separate classes so we can divide and conquer. We love meeting new people and running into people we’ve met over the years. Such an inspiring time!!

  52. Beth says:

    I attended your platform class last year and will be there again this year! Thanks for sharing such great info

  53. Cindy C says:

    Can’t wait to hear you speak at wppi again this year! I always love your wit and humor and in your platform classes. I take away so much! As far as connecting, I am looking forward to connecting again with my friend from NY, Melissa (I am from CA). We met years ago at LEARNFEST in Georgia and maintained our friendship over the years! She has been a huge support for me! We’ve met up at a Photographer Girls weekend in Nashville with other LEARNFEST friends, San Diego, WPPI a few years ago, and even Walt Disney World when we both completed the same half marathon! I will see her again in two weeks at WPPI!

  54. Paula says:

    I love reconnecting with my sisters. Even though we are in different states, have very different lives and only see each other a couple times a year, we pick up right where we left off. And each of our kids, even though there is an age gap, from a year old to 16 years old, they have the best times together as cousins. My sisters are my best friends.

    I hope to meet you one day, Tamara. I’ve been following you since your first creativelive appearance. You are such an inspiration. Your schedule for WPPI looks amazing. Wish I could be there! Have fun!

  55. Missy White says:

    I love to reconnect with my brother, who’s the only family member that lives in another city, which is three hours away(not too far). We all miss him, and it seems like we have never have enough time together. He also recently adopted his two foster kids, so his family has grown, which makes it even more special to spend time with all of them.

  56. Crystal Isenberg says:

    I lost my husband to cancer 1 year ago, I laid my camera down almost the entire time he’s been gone, I recently picked it back up. I had a dream he spoke to me and wanted me to pursue my true passion of photography. If I could reconnect with him for one day…… Ahhh to wish and dream.
    I truly wish I could attend WPPI this year but I know I will in the next year or so..
    You are a true inspiration to many. Thank you.

  57. Bonnie Zdroik says:

    Wow sounds like a fun filled packed week. Wished I were able to attend. So many things to learn from. Maybe next year!

  58. Daniela Anderson says:

    Never attended WPPI but would love to someday as many of my friends who have just love it! As far as who I want to reconnect with I can’t think of anyone more important than my 19 year old son at this point & here’s why. Growing up my son had learning disabilities & was always several years behind & this lead to major struggles in high school. When we moved to TX his anxiety & depression was too great for him to return to school in a new place. After much research I sadly came to the conclusion that he has undiagnosed High Functioning Autism. All his issues have broken his spirit. He is a creative guy, lives to draw, dance, & play guitar but yet realization that he may never be able to function on his own has really brought him down lately even more. I’ve been trying to encourage him to continue with what he’s good at but he’s withdrawn from me & it breaks my heart. We used to go on nature walks together, it was like therapy. We would study nature & discover interesting things. We talked about the interesting details that most people overlook or just can’t see. I told him how a macro lens would enable us to take photos of them but sadly I don’t have one & am under severe financial hardship right now & can’t buy one & why I would love an opportunity to get one in any way possible. Perhaps if I did I could encourage him to come out with me again & we could shoot the things we discussed. I told him about joining the art community here in Austin & I believe our creative ideas would make for some really interesting photographic art.
    I didn’t mean to write a sob story, it’s just that your question brought me to tears because I really want & need to reconnect with my son desperately, it’s all I think about lately. I am just trying to figure out how to help him yet do it in an upbuilding but subtle way. Sorry about the long comment but I’m a mom, what can I say?

  59. Lacey Wilder says:

    I love reconnecting with my friend Michelle, she is also a photographer. She is just one of those people who you are instantly drawn to. She is kind and so funny. Once you meet her you feel like you’ve known her forever.
    We talk on the phone at least once a week and then we get together for lunch once a month. We talk photography alot and we help each other when something comes up.
    We are teaming up for our first styled session together in May, which I am so excited about. She has been such an amazing friend and I’m so blessed that she is in my life.
    Tamara enjoy WPPI!!

  60. I CANNOT WAIT for WPPI this year!! SO excited!! I have seen your presentations before at WPPI but hopefully, THIS will be the year that I get to meet YOU and reconnect with the many photographer friends that I have met over the past few years of attending various Conferences and workshops. Like you have posted your crazy, busy schedule above, it’s great to leave that workday schedule behind and take this week of “vacation” to not only continue my professional education but to recharge, be inspired and just HAVE FUN with so many other like-minded and absolutely CRAZY photographers!!
    Can’t wait to meet you and share one of those mimosa’s!!!

  61. So wish I was going to WPPI but my budget won’t allow it this year. I love reconnecting with my best friend from preschool Martha- our birthdays are 2weeks apart and we will be 53 yo this November. We have lived in separate countries for over 30 years but still manage to keep our friendship alive and call each other best of friends. We started preschool together when we were 3 years old and I still have memories and pictures of us together then, and every decade as we celebrate our miles stone birthdays together. Knowing that I have unconditional love from somebody that knows me even better than I know myself and that no matter the distance, time, and life has managed to get between us.

  62. Angie Hurst says:

    I’m the type that doesn’t mind being alone, and if it weren’t for my social husband would probably almost be a recluse. But, thankfully, he’s very social loves to go places and talk to anyone and everyone. For instance, just This past weekend he decided we needed a weekend getaway and booked us a cabin in the Red River Gorge area. Then he invited two of our closest friend couples. I didn’t realize that I needed that connection from those people so much! It rained so we played pool and darts and cards and we laughed and laughed and then we told stories of our past and we all cried together over people we’ve lost and changes we’ve gone through. It was such a cathartic experience and made me thankful for them and the friendship we share. It was one of those weekends you can’t recreate and will always cherish the memories from!

  63. Dominique says:

    I wish I couls go! Sounds like so much fun. I love connecting with my best friend from highshool. She lives in a another state, so we don’t see each other very much. But when we do, it’s like time stood still, and we were never really apart. Have fun at the conference, and enjoy your busy week!

  64. Tammy Ring says:

    I love reconnecting with my sister. We were close when we were young and then not so much as teenagers. Then I joined the military and moved away. When our dad died suddenly a couple years later it bonded us together and we became super close. We would spend hours talking on the phone and then when I got out of the military she moved across country to live closer to me. Now that we both are married with kids we don’t get to see each other nearly as much as we would like, which makes the time we do spend together even more special.

  65. Justin B. says:

    I always look forward to catching up with old navy buddies, which sadly, doesn’t happen that often. I’m hoping by best friend can make it out from Cali while I’m in Vegas Sufi we can catch up.

  66. Matthew says:

    Have fun in Vegas! Don’t go too wild 😉

    Great Camera choice by way!

  67. Matthew B says:

    Don’t go too wild in Vegas!
    But have fun, and thanks for the giveaway!

  68. Lee B. says:

    Love PPI and I love your work and classes Tamara! Sad that I won’t be able to make it out this year, but hopefully next year! Thanks for being an inspiration.

  69. Hanna Grace says:

    The one person in my life I could not live without connecting with would be my wonderfully supportive husband. We have spent the last 7 years moving all over the country for his military career making it increasingly hard to make a career of my own. But through all of our moves, our two gorgeous boys, and time apart he makes sure to support me any way he can. That includes coming to WPPI with me which I am sure he will hate most of it but knows it will make me smile. He has put so much effort toward making me feel valued and supported and for that I am forever grateful.

  70. Your WPPI schedule is hectic ! Hopefully I’ll get to check out one of your talks ! It’ll be my first time there.
    Having grown up in South Africa, any time I get to reconnect with my friends and family from back home is a good time ! Thanks to social media and the internet, I think it’s so much easier these days to stay in touch and connect with friends and family across the world !

  71. Rob Feiner says:

    Sounds like a great lineup. Wish I could make it. Have fun and be sure to send my that $500 Adorama gift card when you get back 🙂

  72. Mike Kerouac says:

    I love reconnecting with fellow photographers as well as mentors during Photo Treks. It’s always great to see someone from a prior trip. Share how our skills have improved over time, as well as compare new Nikon gear and gadgets. Reconnecting with the instructors is always special too, they always seem to pull out a new tip or trick.

    I haven’t been to WPPI, it coincides with our annual trip to the Carribean. But it seems like a great event. Definitely on my wish list.

    Have fun Tamara. Looking forward to seeing the content you create while there.

  73. I love WPPI.
    Once again, there are so many wonderful events and classes happening. I can’t wait for it to start. ????

  74. Rachael Boer says:

    Wow, it sounds like it will be a packed week for you! I so wish I could make it this year. I love reconnecting with extended family who we don’t see more than once or twice a year. Those times together are always so sweet and make the 18 hour drive with four small children worth it! 🙂

  75. Janie jones says:

    i am looking forward to meeting and networking with new people! Reconnecting with friends that are coming with me from Kansas City!

  76. Helen John says:

    I’m so thrilled to come WPPI again this year and will definitely make a point to come watch you! You were so genuine and wonderful when we met in Ohio at the I Heart Faces conference in 2013 and chatted at the after party for presenters. You’re an inspiration in so many ways so thank you for sharing your light!

  77. Lori Fox says:

    The joy of reconnecting is deep within me. It is a big word in my world these days as I relaunch myself into my new studio and rebuild a portrait business after having lost my first one over 10 years ago. I am reconnecting with the love I have for photography and the amazing ability we have as portrait artists to capture a period of time to never be seen again. I am reconnecting with that original desire to connect, capture and create through community, empowerment and my joy for life & for living for something bigger than us!

  78. Andi says:

    I love re-connecting with my daughters each day after school. 🙂 Sometimes I get tired of their lengthy commentary about friend, classes, school drama, teachers, life, etc., but I choose to listen and love them at each stage of their lives. I know they will be “all grown up” and out of the house before I know it. 🙂

  79. Amy Bull says:

    Hey Tamara! I’m sorry I will miss WPPI. I know you will knock it out of the park!

    My favorite person to connect with is my husband of 25 years, Mike! He is my best friend and my rock. Not only is he handsome, he’s kind and selfless. I married up!


  80. Joy Porter says:

    Excited to be back at WPPI and bringing a new photographer for the first time. Can’t wait for your class and WE LOVE ADORAMA!!! get some rest lady…crazy week ahead of you!! See you in Vegas!! Xoxo

  81. Patty Kunzinget says:

    I am so looking forward to catching up with my best girl friend from 7th grade…. Friends over thirty years. She lives in CA and I’m flying there from NY for her birthday in March!! YAY…. Can’t wait to see her and take tons of pictures together!

  82. Whew! What a schedule! 🙂 This is my first WPPI and I can’t wait. I love reconnecting with my family. We live hours away from each other and it’s so nice to get those hugs in person!

  83. Sarah Long says:

    I would love to reconnect with my friend Irina. We met in high school; she was a German exchange student at my school in Illinois. We have kept in touch and visited over the last 15 years, but we only get to see each other or talk every once in a while. Every time we talk we pick up right where we left off! I love our friendship!

  84. Whew! What a schedule! 🙂 This is my first WPPI and I can’t wait! I love reconnecting with my family. We live hours away from each other and those hugs are so good in person.

  85. Jeanine Hill says:

    I so had the honor of going to the event last year and getting the pleasure of meeting you! This year will be bittersweet for I am learning to reconnect with my father in a much different way than I ever have. He is on hospice and each day I bring him ice cream to soothe his throat and hope that he passes in peace! I spend time looking at my dads hands which never really hugged me much or held my hand until now. My thoughts are with all of you having fun and getting to see all the knew gadgets and techniques! Best…xo Jeanine

  86. I was already looking forward to WPPI, it is my first year being able to finally attend. I have wanted to go for years, this year I decided I was going to make it happen! Reading your blog post just makes me so happy – I hope I don’t just start to cry tears of joy while at WPPI. Looking forward to soaking up so much and meeting so many beautiful people! Thank you for sharing and preparing us for what is coming soon!

  87. Sherry Rosen says:

    I so wish I could be in Las Vegas for this amazing event! I have seen, mer, and spoken with the amazing Jerry Ghionis. Seeing you speak would push my wedding photographer bucketlist closer to being filled!

  88. Vickie Fuller says:

    I love reconnecting to my kids. I love getting texts from them, but when they call or actually sit with me and chat…Oh yes best feeling in the world! 🙂

  89. Lisa Jump says:

    Honestly, I love connecting with my kids and husband whenever we have time to all be together. As simple as that sounds, work, school, sports, activities have us going all the time. So in this season of life, I really appreciate and value the time when we are together in one place, connecting with one another.

  90. Renee Manning says:

    I LOVE reconnecting with my awesome daddy. We occasionally get to take woodcarving classes together and I enjoy it sooooo so much! He truly is my hero!

  91. I love connecting with my photography professor from college!

  92. Mindy DeLuca says:

    I am so excited for my 1st WPPI & hope to meet you over a mimosa! I love connecting with people who inspire me to learn, grow, give, love, live. These connections can be friends, family, pets, mentors, clients, strangers. Thats the great thing about life, if you live it purposefully and with an open mind/heart/eyes/ears, you’ll find connection & inspiration everywhere. Cheers!

  93. alexis lee says:

    Never been to wwpi, hope to get to.go one day. Enjoy your week.
    Blessings From Durham N.C.

  94. I absolutely love connecting with my sister on the Oregon coast! We have been great friends all our lives and her home is always welcoming. She ventures out with me for night shots of the Milky Way over the ocean, finds great new locations to shoot and is one of my biggest fans. I love her dearly ♡

  95. Shayna says:

    Wow! That a lot of events! Awesome! I appreciate hearing how you put family first for your sons birthday. ???? One of our favorite things about going to WPPI is connecting with new and past photographers we’ve met. A few years ago we met another husband and wife couple whom we’ve kept in touch with and its been so encouraging cheering one another on in our photography journey.

  96. Steven Gotz says:

    I would love to join you, but alas, that is not to be. Not this year anyway.

    It sure sounds like a good time will be had by all.

  97. Krissy says:

    I love reconnecting with so many people… Always my husband and kiddos, especially when it has been busy. We have friends all over the country and even world now so having time to reconnect with them is so special. But this past year I also had the opportunity, through photography, to reconnect with some of my earliest childhood friends and that was really special too! I hadn’t seen them in decades and was even able to create a tribute for one of my friend’s dad who had unexpectantly and recently passed away.

  98. Deb Kepiro says:

    Wow! What an amazingly full and exciting schedule! Hoping to attend WPPI next year as its been a dream! So many names listed that I would love to meet. Would love to be in one of your class/workshops as I know they are a game changer! All the best at WPPI!

  99. Winter says:

    We spent some time living in Europe. I always enjoy reconnecting with our dear friends from that time.

  100. This is my first time checking out WPPI. I’m only going to make it up for a day or two of the expo and head back home (Phoenix). I’m really looking forward to seeing all the vendors I’ve heard about and really kicking off my business that has been a hobby for quite a few years. Maybe I’ll catch you on Monday/Tuesday!

    I love catching up with my friends from South Dakota since I don’t see them very often anymore. It makes my heart happy to run to them in the airport. ????

  101. Julia Noack says:

    What a fun and action packed schedule! I could answer a lot of amazing friends and colleagues, but probably the person I lost look forward to reconnecting with is my sister. She’s only a year older than me and we grew up super close, sharing a bedroom, etc. Now she lives 5 hours away and is a super busy mom of two kids working a full time job. When I get to talk to her or visit it is often with all the family and distractions around, so the times we manage to steal just for us to talk one on one are rare but very precious, and I always look forward to them!

  102. Pam Dietz says:

    I love reconnecting with my grown children! I don’t get to spend enough time with them. Good luck at WPPI. You are going to be busy!

  103. I love connecting with family,,, my husband, children, parents.

  104. Glenda says:

    Can’t wait. Wish I could spend an hour sitting and chatting with you about your Ethiopia adventure and hearing more stories!

  105. Dianne says:

    WOW! Sounds amazing. Wish I could be there. Still haven’t made it, but maybe next year. Enjoy!!

  106. Esther says:

    I love connecting with my 3 yr old grandson. I see him as much as possible, about once a week because kids totally live in the moment. He lives 100% whatever he’s doing and I’m right there with him running around or on the floor. We laugh out loud from our bellies and just have fun. He is my reminder and teacher in how to live authentically.

  107. JESSICA says:

    I love reconnecting with family, which unfortunately happens only every 3-4 years due to everyone living so far apart. Because we see each other so rarely, it makes the time spent together that more valuable (that also means lots of pictures!).

  108. Kerry says:

    I love connecting! Connecting with people is how I relate, keep on top of things and have a sense of where I am in the world. Connecting with friends and just catching up always leaves my heart full!

  109. Kristie says:

    You are one busy lady! And amazing for such an awesome opportunity for such a great prize!

    I love connecting with other photographers! Meeting new people and getting the chance to grow within the industry and learn with people who enjoy the same love that I do!

  110. Teresa says:

    Reconnecting with the kids after school at school pickup is such a great thing. They’ve gone from 1 to 11 so quickly I value every moment with them.
    Good luck with all your speaking at WPPI!
    Wish I was going. Always love connecting with photographer friends too.

  111. Lisa says:

    So excited for another year of Wppi! Love meeting new people every year and connecting with old friends.

  112. Julie Chase says:

    Eeeeee! I’m definitely going to stop and say hi at Nations booth! I want to see and touch the albums!!

  113. Sandra says:

    This is my first year in the business as a filmmaker and practicing photographer. This is also first year going to WPPI and I’m so excited! This has been a whirlwind trying to learn and start and business quiting my job and bringing on my husband as my partner. (And it’s been a great way to connect)I can’t wait to be able to meet the Pros like yourself and check out the expo! Your sced sounds super busy but really fun. I hope it’s a great year for everyone!

  114. Michelle says:

    As a very much beginner in photography, don’t quite feel “qualified” enough to attend WPPI. Hoping that once I have a few more experiences under my belt, I’ll be ready to attend and learn even more. Am looking forward to attending one of your classes in the future. Have a great time at WPPI!

  115. Wow! I wish that I were going to WPPI, but I have another commitment that week. I have registered for your class in Durham in May, so I’m looking forward to meeting you in person and learning from you. Travel safely!

  116. Jim G says:

    Always enjoy your thoughts on technic and style. Keep the inspiration coming.

  117. Kaitlin says:

    I have a few friends that I met at different but important times of my life. Starting from preschool, high school, college and after. It will sometimes be years apart that we will not see each other; but, when we do, we always are back to where we left off! Thank goodness for FaceTime and phone catch up 🙂

  118. Sue says:

    i love reconnecting with my stepmom every few weeks. After my dad died 2 years ago I didn’t think I would see her as often but we’ve made a point of getting together to hang out and catch up!

  119. Hi from Raleigh, Tamara. I’ll miss your portrait sessions (on travel..poor me) but will catch you at WPPI.

  120. Savanna says:

    This sounds like a great event! I love connecting with my best friend. She is actually moving away soon and we like to go out and even do some fun photo shoots together!

  121. Justin says:

    I don’t really know many industry people personally, but it’s fun to float around and run into some of the more recognizable faces and introduce myself. Also, I have family in Vegas – so it’s always nice to reconnect with them and visit….gotta love Grandma’s cooking!

  122. Anita Woo says:

    I love reconnecting with my best friends. They both live far enough away that we can’t see each other often, so when we do its a whirlwind of catching up. No matter how much time passes between visits though, I’m always amazed at how we can pick up where we left off as if no time has gone by. Missing them both! Your week at WPPI sounds amazing and busy, have fun!

  123. Jennifer Mason says:

    Reconnecting with my now adult children is always a dear moment. My daughter is 23 and my son, 21, and it is a challenge to resist the urge to continue to “mother” them and accept that they have all they need to fly! But I still love when they ask! xox

  124. Tamara,
    Excited to see you again at WPPI!

  125. Charles says:

    Wow! What an event! What more could one ask for? Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend due to classes and a broke down vehicle and a broke/down me! but I’m sure the event will be fantastic.

    Enjoy and all the best,

  126. This will be my first ever WPPI and I can’t be more excited! One of the main reasons for this excitement is that my wife and my partner in crime in our photography business is also joining me. We are pretty new business owners and this will definitely a HUGE milestone in our marriage and business. I’m looking forward to connecting with her at a business level. In a few years we’ll look back and reminisce our experience at our first WPPI. Will definitely come say hello to you Tamara!

  127. Nancy Pasel says:

    I love re-connecting with my grown kids (twins). One is in Dallas the other in Norway so it’s not often that we get to hang-out. Oh, but when we do it’s the bomb diggity! 🙂

    I sure have learned a ton of useful stuff from you over the years. Thanks Tamara!

  128. Julia P says:

    I used to see my best friend every weekend all weekend. Fast forward 20 years and we both have kids and live an hour away, so we catch up about once a month on the phone. What makes her so special? She is always that person who gives you the ‘no bull’ answer and will straighten you up. She’s a teacher in a very poor district with some of the most troubled kids. Every day she stays strong, reaches out to help the kids stay on a straight path and when they do stray off she exerts more love with a structured plan. If a student doesn’t have shoes or a coat she reaches out and gets donations making sure her students don’t go without. She’s a natural born teacher who doesn’t just teach she changes lives. I can’t imagine where I’d be without her. She’s the only friend I photograph for free, she’s my best friend, she’s another sister, we need more friends like her in the world.

  129. I hope to make it to WPPI next year!! And will you be doing a workshop for people who have taken one of yours before? Basically a more advanced one? Would love that. I have a few people I love and cherish reconnecting with – one of my favorites is my best friend of 20 years. She is a stay at home mom of two wonderful girls. I am single, living in the city with no kids, and working an advertising job along with my photography job. We have gone in two very different directions in life but have stayed very close and have an annual girls trip that we do not miss. It’s usually to wine country in Sonoma, but this year may be to Charleston, SC or wine country in Portland, OR. A lot of wine, a lot of laughs and long conversations and we never skip a beat.

  130. Cielo Roth says:

    This will be my 4th time at WPPI and I cannot wait! Love the inspiration and excitement. Tamara I have seen you speak before and I always get great info from you!! Thank you!

  131. D'Andra says:

    What an amazing lineup you have! Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  132. Sally Sosler says:

    I love connecting with local photographers. At first I was nervous to reach out, but since taking the dive, I have found so much warmth and welcoming. Enjoy WPPI, I saw you speak 2 years ago but sadly no WPPI for me this year!!

  133. Nate Bennion says:

    I love getting together with my entire extended family. It doesn’t happen as much now, but it’s still great to see everyone and remember all the crazy and fun times we’ve shared.

  134. Magdalena says:

    Only recently (better late than never, so true in my case) I started thinking about what I leave behind, how my life should look. And that, actually, there is no should required. But without my background, my family I wouldn’t be here in the first place. Meeting them from time to time makes these moments so precious, and so valuable. Now more then ever. For me and for my kids.
    Whether that whole thing sounds cliche, or not, I truly don’t care:) As that is true for me. And I wish we all had that knowledge of who we want to spend time with; better sooner than later…

  135. Amely Pierre says:

    Hi Tamara Lackey,

    I’m in Haiti, no PPI for me this year, but it is in my wish list for the upcoming years.
    I always love to see your enthusiasm teaching, taking pictures and doing whatever you love to do, this is always good motivation and inspiration to me to get myself in what I’m doing.
    There will be a lot to cover during that week, so recharge your battery and do what you love, I’m staying up to date via social media.
    Thanks Tamara, Have a wonderful week

  136. Cindy Chancy says:

    One of the people I love to reconnect with is my high school girlfriend. We may go for years without seeing one another but seem to pick up right where we left off each time. And I find great comfort in knowing that I can call on her any time and she will be at my side. We do not judge but love each other whole heartedly. And one day I would love to have the opportunity to sit and learn under Tamara. Such talent!

  137. I’m looking forward to catching up with Vanessa Joy, hugging Jerry and Melissa, seeing Jules Bianchi and connecting with friends from Los Angeles, San Fran, Austin, Chicago and probably several other countries. Looking forward to meeting new friends:)

  138. Tanya Smith says:

    Oh, man! I love connecting with other photographers too. Next month I’m driving 8 hours just to have dinner with a couple photogs. One from Portland, one from California and myself from Washington state. We’re a crazy bunch but I love it! I’m sad I won’t get to see you this year at WPPI. I loved your class last year about working with kids.

  139. Wow, you have a packed schedule! I can’t wait to see you at WPPI!
    I love that you chose this topic for your give away. I met a fellow photographer at a 2-day workshop several years ago. She lives in a different state, but when we see each other it’s like we haven’t been apart for more than one day. We talk shop, laugh at ourselves, share our fears, and encourage each other. I know all about her family and everyday life and knows she mine as well.
    I know that you can completely relate as I describe my relationship with my friend, because I’m sure that you have many relationships like the one that I have described. It actually felt good telling you about my friend! Thanks for the opportunity to enter your drawing!

  140. Karen L Nunes says:

    Seriously bummed I won’t be attending this jam packed event. As far as reconnecting, I too love visiting with old friends and sharing memories and most importantly, PHOTOS!

  141. YOU! That’s who I ALWAYS look forward to seeing! Tamara, every time I see you (either in person or on any one of my gazillion screens) you are ALWAYS doing or saying or teaching something EXTRAORDINARY and I am always better for watching, listening, participating, trying it out, contributing to whatever it is that you are involved in. I will continue to follow your genius and light and ways as I know they will always lead to betterness. YOU, Tamara, YOU are that betterness! (oh and I freaking adore you… and the reason I’m not out there is my bday is next friday!) TRUTH. ALL TRUTH.

  142. Alex Singh says:

    Wish I could be there. Looks like fun!

  143. Hi Tamara! I recall the first time I heard you speak live at the first WPPI-U in 2012. I soaked up all the advice and passion and enthusiasm from you and the other pros such as Sue Bryce, Sal Cincotta, Jerry Ghionis, Tony Corbell, Tim Meyer, Joe Bussing, Lindsay Adler and many more – I learnt SO SO much! My day job will keep me from WPPI this year so I wish you and your buddies a lot of fun and a great time catching up with everyone from all over the world. Good luck hosting the Awards show with Jerry! I aim to keep up with everything going on in Vegas online. Being in LA I feel like I’m so close but will be so far!

  144. This may be an unusual one: MY IN-LAWS!! I just love, love, love them! We live in Canada and they are in Belgium:( Every time I look at photos I’ve taken of them with their grandkids, I just wish they lived here.

  145. It is always joyous to connect with some of my regular clients who are really more friends than clients. While on a flight tonight I watched a documentary on Pedro E. Guerrero. He became famous for his work with renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Guerrero’s work is not only a historical record but a master-class in how to shoot architecture. Guerrero and Wright shared a very special connection.

    As photographers we don’t often look at our work through our clients eyes. It’s easy for us to see the flaws and imperfections where as our clients see the photographs with an emotional attachment. Making a real connection with your client can give a new view on what really matters by knowing what they feel make a photograph great.

  146. Artemas says:

    Reading your post as I sit in the airport at 5:30 AM to leave Baltimore for Vegas. Looks like a crazy schedule and I’m looking forward to learning in your class again and just having an awesome week in Vegas! I’m doing the fun run for the first time this year so maybe park an ambulance at the finish line.
    Here’s to an amazing week of learning and networking! Keep killing it Tamara!

  147. Kerry McCarthy says:

    I cherish the times I re-connect with “the ladies”. Six of us have been friends for over 30 years and have shared relationships, marriages, break ups, deaths, kids and now grand kids. A few times a year we drop everything else in our lives and get together for a weekend of laughing, crying, commiserating, and solving world problems. Also perhaps some drinking and eating! The time and memories are becoming more and more special as the years march on. So, so good for the soul…

  148. Jen Bauldree says:

    What a great question for reflection! I love, love, love reconnecting with my sister who I am lucky to also call my best friend. Her compassion, mindfulness, sense of humor and authentic zeal for life bring out the best in me and anyone around her, and remind me to be my best version of myself! I live in Raleigh and she is in Hillsborough, so we reconnect as often as possible.

    Tamara, have a fantastic WWPI week. I’m looking forward to learning all I can from you at your workshop in May!

  149. Liam Kidney says:

    Wow, and I thought I had a busy schedule. I travelled all the way from Ireland last year for my first WPPI. I absolutely loved it. I’m back for more and I look forward to catching your class on Tuesday. Can’t wait to be inspired!

  150. Paige Nelson says:

    Hi Tamara,

    I heard you speak at my first WPPI last year and can’t wait for more excitement this weekend. I know Vegas can be crazy, if that’s what you’re going for, but I really enjoyed connecting with other like-minded creatives while I was there. It’s so refreshing to be in that atmosphere, even for a couple days. But the best part of WPPI for me last year was reconnecting with myself. I know that might sound silly to some, but it was just what I needed to light that spark again. It’s easy to get burned out from the business side of photography, but I left feeling inspired and creative again. Can’t wait for a new dose of inspiration.

    Good luck with all of your presentations and have a wonderful stay in Vegas. 🙂

  151. Arthur K says:

    I love reconnecting with all the wedding vendors in my area. Usually, once a month we all get together for a networking night and talk about all things weddings. I love talking to other photographers and vendors and getting the insight on business and the wedding industry!

  152. Wow! That sounds like an incredible week, one day I will make it to WPPI! I love reconnecting with my girlfriends from college. It’s always so amazing to think of how far we have all come and all that we have experienced.

  153. Joey Lopez says:

    Wow! Sounds like an action packed week full of fun and photography! =)

  154. Lindsey says:

    Hi Tamara! Im SO looking forward to your class!!! Your shedule is crazy busy but I hope I get the chance to meet you and say hi!

    The person I most like to reconnect with is my mom! She is also a photographer, I worked for her for over 10 years photographing weddings and this year since I started my family portrait studio we dont get to spend as much time together anymore. Coming to WPPI is something we LOVE to do together, its a great fun way to reconnect!

    Looking forward to learning so much from you! 🙂

  155. My first time going and I’m LOVING it.. I am meeting so many amazing people and already looking forward to next years WPPI. Most definitely excited about reconnecting with my clients. I’m learning so much..not just about my business but about myself..Every person I have met here so far has been an inspiration and I look forward to bringing that home with me.;)

  156. Tiffany says:

    First of all, I love Tamara Lackey and read almost all of the posts on here. I have found countless photography resources and information here on! Someone I love connecting with is fellow photographers, especially other mom photographers. It is like a breath of fresh air to be able to talk to someone who shares the same deep rooted passion as myself. I love hearing about all of their experiences in the photography world. I think what I love most about connecting with other photographers is that I am able to get advice and tips from them and vice versa. I feel that as a photographer I am never done learning and run with the advice to improve upon my photography abilities. It is so much fun to just sit and throw ideas, tips and experiences back and fourth with a fellow photographer. I think the best advice a photographer can give is to never stop trying to learn more, have a hunger for more knowledge.
    PS Thank you for having such an amazing giveaway!

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