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In a recent post, I laid out my WPPI 2015 Schedule with the caveat that things were still changing. This is my confirmed WPPI 2015 Schedule, complete with opportunities to not only learn and watch shooting and lighting demos by me, as well as a number of other top photographers in the field – but also to win a whole lot of prizes. Here you go: Friday – Sunday: Judging the WPPI International Print Competition Monday, March 2nd: 10am – Starting with a WPPI Expo Kick-Off Gathering at Nations Photo Lab. Join us for Mimosas (or just an OJ!) at their booth and feel free to spin their prize wheel. They are giving away a ton of stuff, including my Posing Playbook, copies of my Capturing Life Through (Better) Photography and my Inside Contemporary Children’s Photography.   Tamara Lackey, Nations Photo Lab, WPPI 2015 Schedule   11:30am – 1:30pm – We will be filming reDefine Show for AdoramaTV, meeting up with Jason Groupp, Brad Jefferson (co-founder of Animoto), Vanessa Joy and Sal Cincotta. If you have any questions for them, feel free to email them to us. 3pm – Joining Nikon Theater Presents:  Live. Work. Succeed.  A Women’s Forum for Entrepreneurial Photographers. Once again, I  will be joining the fabulous Bambi Cantrell and Dixie Dixon for this forum specifically addressing the experiences/challenges of women in the photography industry – along with SOLUTIONS, as each of us have different career goals, family life concerns & are working across different genres – portraits, weddings, and commercial work. The forum will also be moderated by my friend, Photofocus’ Melissa Niu. We did this last year, and we had some incredibly engaged attendees, answered a bunch of excellent questions – and were sure we’d want to do it again before we’d even finished the program. Programs like these are just one of the reasons I’m proud to be a Nikon Ambassador.   Tamara Lackey, Nikon, work life balance, WPPI 2015 Schedule   6:30pm Co-hosting a Dinner with Mylio, rather aptly described by Shutterbug Magazine as an addictive organizer, although there’s a whole lot more to it than that. Check out what Joe McNally, Chase Jarvis, Matthew Jordan Smith, Scott Kelby and I all have to say about our experiences here. WPPI 2015 Schedule, Mylio, Tamara Lackey Tuesday, March 3rd: 10:30am Presenting at Kelby One/WPPI LIVE Theater 12pm Presenting and Giving a Lighting Demo at Profoto, along with these great other photographers: Tamara Lackey, WPPI 2015 Schedule, Profoto 1pm: Speaking and doing a live shoot on Photographing Men at Nikon Theater, on the Expo Floor. Check out all the speakers, topics and the overall schedule – some amazing talks – here:   Tamara Lackey, Nikon, WPPI 2015 Schedule   4pm: Delivering my Platform Presentation in 319-320. This is a brand new, live world multi-media program that dives deep into Lighting/Posing/Expression and Creating Dynamic Portraits with some significant Behind The Scenes lighting work captured just for this presentation. HUGE GRATITUDE to my platform sponsors: Nikon Nations Photo Lab, who is offering a $50 credit to new customers, just use promo code “NEWJANTAM” when ordering through the ROES system Adorama, with lots of new programs on Adorama TV Animoto, now offering 20% off an annual pro subscription with promo code “Tamara15” and Mylio, who is now giving a FULL ADVANCED trial for one month via this link. I will be giving out tons of free giveaways during this program from these amazing companies! free giveaways, WPPI 2015, Tamara Lackey   6pm – 7:30pm Mylio Cocktail Reception Wednesday, March 4th: 10:45pm: Speaking and doing a live shoot on Photographing Men at Nikon Theater, on the Expo Floor 12:00pm – 1:30pm Will be filming reDefine Show for AdoramaTV, meeting up with Joe McNallyBrooke Shaden, and Mike Corrado. If you have any questions for them, feel free to email them to us. 7pm: The WPPI Awards Show Thursday, March 4th: Going Home. In the shape of a torn up, crumpled piece of paper.   Oh!  And if you haven’t signed up for a full platform pass for WPPI yet, you can Upgrade using the promo code JPG50 before February 25th and save $150 or choose to become a PHOTO+ member and save over $180. Just go here to use the code.

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