WPPI 2010

I am at the 2010 WPPI Convention (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) in Las Vegas right now, getting a chance to meet up with about 12,000 photographers from around the world. I just (about 30 minutes ago!) wrapped up the Audrey & Tamara Workshop, taught alongside Audrey Woulard. We had a chance to meet a great group of photographers who came in from all kinds of different cities. Not just the U.S. but Canada, Spain and … hmm, forgetting one … A really big thanks to Buckeye Color Lab for sponsoring our workshop and setting us up with the great location in the MGM Grand. I so appreciate everyone who made such an effort to attend the workshop and traipsed all around the hotel, inside & out, while we tracked our little models. I actually shot this beautiful little girl during one of the shooting clinics today. How sweet is she??

I’ve had some questions about where I’ll be this week. Saturday & Sunday, March 6th & 7th, I’ll be judging the WPPI 16×20 International Print Competition as a portrait panel judge. There are thousands of 16×20 matted prints sent in from all over the world (photographers from over 25 countries have entered!), so judging is a very specific and tedious job – but also pretty amazing, too. If you are one of the photographers in Las Vegas this weekend, try to come by and watch some of the judging. It’s a phenomenal learning experience. On Monday, March 8th, I’ll be speaking at The Photographer’s Toolkit Booth (booth 1247) at 2pm. I’ll be speaking alongside some other great photographers, including my wonderful & talented friends John Mireles, Dave Quin, Greb Gibson, and Marcus Bell. On Tuesday, March 9th at 8am is my Platform Presentation, in room 319-320. My topic is Controlled Spontaneity: Inside Contemporary Children’s Photography. I’ll be delivering a bunch of new content and showing some behind-the-scenes footage of some of my shoots. Buckeye Color Lab will be offering a promotion of some deep discounts at the class and look for Simply Canvas to be doing another huge giveaway during my program. At Imaging USA, I was able to give away about $10,000 worth of goodies during my presentation, including a $5,000 studio makeover from Simply Canvas. This time around, the giveaways will be even bigger. Specifically, $15,000 worth of product. Kinda amazed, to be honest, but you’ll have to be present to win 😉 On Wednesday, March 10th at 10am, I’ll be doing an interview with my impressive friend Dane Sanders for his AskDane program at the New Media Booth (#1477) on the Expo Floor. I’m really looking forward to that 🙂 On Wednesday, March 10th at 11am, I’ll be speaking at the Kubota Image Tools Booth (#1719), showcasing the new release of the Tamara Lackey Style Book, the first of the Kubota Artist Series. Cannot wait to see the final product! And, along the way, there are quite a number of appointments, meetings, award banquets and evening receptions/parties … basically, a very packed week. And a pretty exhilarating one, too. Hope to see you here 🙂

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