Working for the Obama Campaign

I found out yesterday that there is a big difference covering a political rally and the associated events as press versus actually working for a campaign directly as a photographer. They are both very cool (at least to me!), just different. I had the great pleasure of traveling through North Carolina and spending the day with the Obama campaign yesterday. We started in Raleigh for a closed door fundraiser and a town hall meeting and then raced out to Greenville, where we set up for another round of similar festivities. I finally arrived back home late last night, just in time to watch the candidate appear on The Colbert Report, which he was heading out to tape while we were finishing up our last photographs. By the way, if you didn’t catch The Colbert Report last night, you have to find it online. It was Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and an absolutely hilarious John Edwards, who laid out what he needs to receive in order to endorse a candidate – and it has everything to do with jet skis, being a spy, and having his face put on money 🙂 The very long day was definitely a phenomenal experience, and I have such a huge appreciation for the serious endurance of these candidates to keep going the way they do with these grueling schedules. A big thank you to Jenny and April for being so great to work with all day – you both are quite good at what you do! Without a doubt, though, my highlight of the day was finally having the opportunity to photograph a portrait of the Senator:

A close second is the behind-the-scenes image of him racing up to greet a crowd of thousands…

You’ve heard it a million times already, I’m sure, but regardless of your candidate of choice, if you’re in NC, PA, and IN – please get out there and vote!!

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