With Just a Bit More Love We Can Make It

We are soooo close to fully funding for our Orphan Prevention Care Center in Ethiopia!

Help us set up daycare rooms (one of the current ones is pictured here – may need to zoom in to see all the babies) that offer these little souls more space, mind/body stimulation, early literacy education opportunities and are also connected to an eating area that would provide children with regular meals – ALL while empowering mothers through education, vocational training, and an opportunity to keep their families together long-term.

Help us complete the funding needed for these orphans. Check out


With Gratitude

Thank you to all who have already contributed on line and in person during the gallery event two weeks ago at the Union Square Ballroom in New York City supporting the incredible work of Beautiful Together. Patrons met Steve and Tamara Lackey and heard about their life-changing projects.  There is still so much to be done!

We are SO grateful to our sponsors for this event. Special thanks to Adorama for making this event possible by co-hosting and, also to  Nations Photo Lab for the incredible effort in printing all of the 100+ gallery pieces. And, thank you to the many other amazing companies that donated products and services to support this event.  Check them out below and give them some love!

In Case You Missed the Event

Here are a TON of photos of the event itself. You can see how the images affected attendees. Imagine how it would feel to be part of this project to make this orphanage a home for these children. Give now to Beautiful Together.

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