wichita, kansas

I technically returned from Wichita this morning, arriving home around 1am after a whirlwind 2 1/2 days of shooting. I had the great pleasure of photographing The Gorecki family again, as well as a few of her wonderful friends and families. I met The Goreckis through the beautiful spa they own, Healing Waters, which is actually located right next to our studio (across from Southpoint Mall). I love their spa services!!! I had photographed their North Carolinian spa here for their marketing team, and I was able to photograph their more established Kansas spa this past weekend, in addition to their awesome new product line, PureMD. I am still cataloging all the images I just shot – but here are a few fun photographs from another recent shoot, just a couple months ago. Sweet little Ocean resting on Papa’s legs:

This powerful image of Ireland printed so strikingly as a mounted metallic foil print:

Big sister Alexis, shot with filtered natural light to really show off her soft complexion:

A sweet moment between mother & child:

The two sisters – Ireland was just cracking up at this reverse game of peek-a-boo!

This was an hysterical end to our shoot, Ireland’s very dramatic display of exhaustion. She just popped her pacifier in, dropped to the cushion and sighed heavily with this great gesture of weariness…

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