What’s the most fun you’ve had with kids … lately?

I put out a simple query on twitter and facebook today – what’s the most FUN you’ve had with your kids (or friends’ kids or niece/nephew, etc.) lately? i would love some new ideas! I received such a variety of fun responses, but they all came in through a variety of mediums. I decided to aggregate them all in one place, and I wanted to share some of the inspiration here. Would love to hear more suggestions / experiences / ideas about fun things to do with children. I’m interested in my three kids experiencing more of this:

the most fun I have had with my kids lately? Last weekend bike riding to a playground. -Jeff Rodgers apple picking! -@the_real_k10 We took a mini vacation to ATL to the GA Aquarium, Zoo Atlanta, and Childrens Museum. Reconnecting after a crazy August. -Wes Hope St. Louis City museum. Everyone should go there once. Maybe when you are here you can go. -Jeff & Julia Woods I love the city museum! Took my 10 & 15 year old, fun for all ages, even us bigger kids. Coolest place ever :0) – Corinne_Noel Get in the backyard and tried to pop balloons with the kids the need to use their rear in order to win!! I about to die laughing when I saw my kids trying to do that!! It is so funny when they are jumping on top of the balloons and nothing happened!! -Emy Barrios-Trousdale Laying on a blanket at 3am watching a meteor shower. -Tina Nepote Harden Want to get to know them? Take a hike into rural woodland with no distractions. (no people, peple things, etc. just you, them and nature) -Jack Perry Took my 11 year old daughter to the softball field and had her and a friend hit off the pitching machine. She loved every minute of time alone with Dad. -David Hakamaki Take a huge roll of finger painting paper…lay it on the ground outside and with washable fingerpaint go to town. use your toes, hands, leaves, whatever! Make a wonderful mural! We did this the other day with Olivia 19 months and bobby almost 4 and they loved it. it now hangs in the kids playroom! -Amy Driscoll Great question, no doubt. We just went on a 3 week disney vacation and while they were all great. The best was doing the white water rafting at Blizzard Beach. Just awesome. -Doug Gordon Here’s another, we just did it last night. Perfect if you don’t want to leave the house or spend a lot. We had nerf gun wars in the dark around the house. I always lose because I am white guy and where bright clothes. My wife and kids are very dark skinned. I can’t win. Always a blast. -Doug Gordon Give them a roll of TP and tell them to make mommy into a mummy! Great for Halloween! -Tina Dahir Saib Don’t laugh, my girls and I played croquet! Laughed ourselves silly. -Christy Hutcheson We just spent the weekend at an apple orchard in KY…with a corn maze! -Brandy Boyda Cardarelli Also- shaving cream. They can put it on a table and paint with it. Or attack each other with it ( outside)- just make sure everyone has glasses or goggles and some old towels. Toni Bailey It’s an oldie, but a goodie… I would have to say playing Duck, Duck, Goose! My niece and nephew LOVED being chased around the back yard and absolutely wiggled in anticipation to discover who was going to be the goose next. I’ve never seen them laugh and smile so much! -Heather Carrick Braithwaite Getting messy at the beach. My kids LOVE to be allowed to get wet and messy in their “best” clothes! -David Pearson Feeding the ducks at the park…. my 2 year old thought it was the coolest thing ever! -Nicole Parkinson Miles We like to dance to songs and make up silly words. My 3 and 1-yr old think it is a riot. -Danielle Bryson Oh, and letting them have “control” of the hose in the front yard. So funny and they love to spray every one and every thing. -Danielle Bryson We have dance parties in the house. Even my hubby gets into it. We put on HSM or Camp Rock and have a great time dancing and singing our hearts out. -Christine DeLessio Miller Me and my 2yo son love to cook. Last week we made everything from scratch even the pasta. Its messy but that is what makes it fun!! -Cassandra Horn This is old school because most kids don’t play outside and use there imagination anymore. We have a wilderness type park near my house that has biking and walking trails. We start off by creating this elaborate story and we have a specif…ic goal to reach that is time sensitive (must get certain number of items and save the kingdom from the evil ogres in two hours). Each person has special powers and can use the powers to help us reach our goal. My girls (4 & 6) love this because we invent the story as we go, adding random ogre attacks or poisonous trails that we need to detour ect. The great thing is that the get some exercise and have fun while we are doing it. The kids can wear costumes, bring props, note pads to write down clues… Great photo opps too! -Marc Archambault In a similar theme, “pirate treasure hunt” for buried treasure and scavenger hunt. Also, my girls like to go on a nature walk and collect pinecones, interesting leaves, snail shells, etc to build “fairy houses” in the garden. Then, we sprinkle pixie dust (glitter) and wait for the fairies to arrive! Also, any fairy tea party/ craft is a big hit. -Heather Carrick Braithwaite My parents took us to a dude ranch TWICE this summer. So fun 🙂 -Amelia Fenn At French Broad River Outpost in Del Rio, Tennessee – dude ranch with the kids! -Laura Fenn Watching fireworks at the Durham Bulls Stadium with both kids on my lap, love it! -Dawn Patootie Watching easy movies with my nephew and nieces with hot chocolate on the couch 🙂 -Melissa Locklear Have you tried Ganyard Hill Farm? They have a pumpkin patch, a corn maze and other fun things. I am not sure if they are open yet for the year but I am sure it will be soon. -Beatrice Parker Yaxley Football in the park and fall is the season! -Jeffrey Pane The most fun we have had is going out in the rainstorm and running through puddles,riding our bikes, or whatever. Rain is the best entertainment for most kids. -Daniel J Pesta

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