what is waiting, bald head island

For all those who are en route or about to travel out to Bald Head Island for learnfest – we are quite excited for this week’s workshop and so appreciate all the efforts you are making to study with me, Laura Novak, Lena Hyde and Audrey Woulard. We know it’s a lot of time, effort and expense and that you are leaving very busy lives on hold just so that you can be here. We plan to make it more than worth it 🙂 Our Monday evening cocktail party will be kicking off before you know it (thanks, again, to Simply Canvas for sponsoring the festivities!). I wanted to offer another glimpse of the island. I arrived here yesterday. I was driving my little golf cart back from a shoot on the beach, traveling along a pristine and varied coastline, when I just had to pull over after seeing this amazing scene. Kinda bizarre to have just experienced such a powerful sunrise in Arizona and then to be floored by such a stunning sunset here. And for some reason it’s all the more emotional when you stand in front of it alone, fully aware of watching the earth turn. The universe does offer us some gorgeous bookends around this concept we call time… Enjoy:

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