West Palm Beach

Had a great time down in West Palm Beach this week with my talented friends Lena Hyde and Laura Novak – we all stayed at Lena’s gorgeous house (looks like something out of House Design Magazine – uh, I made up that name, but that’s what it looked like to me) and stayed up late, having very long conversations while half asleep that none of us would remember in the morning. We spent our time together brainstorming, sharing ideas, and making plans for working together – one big plan which involves the consistently impressive Audrey Woulard. More to come on that. All in all, was a lot of fun, work, and heavy thought usage 😉 All work and no play being highly unrecommended, we were smart enough to plan our meetings around a much-needed shopping break at Anthropologie, shot provided by arm-extended-point-and-shoot:

So, the flight. You know how you’re flying and look at the window and it looks amazing but you’ve seen it before, so you’re not as overwhelmed as you might be if you saw it for the first time? Well, when we flew above the clouds just in time to see the sun bursting through them, there was nothing run-of-the-mill about it. I actually looked around the plane, as best I could, to see if anybody else it seeing what you’re seeing. I couldn’t believe everyone wasn’t glued to their window. But then again, to be fair, not everyone had a window seat 🙂 It was truly gorgeous, though, and I did the best I could to capture the feel of it through the thick window (I’m also without my mac as I am upgrading to a new one, so these are pretty much straight out of my little canon):

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