Upcoming Mentor Series Workshop with Popular Photography and Nikon

Upcoming Mentor Series Workshop with Popular Photography Magazine and Nikon – Tuscon, Arizona


I am so looking forward to joining Popular Photography Magazine and Nikon as an upcoming instructor in one of their Popular Photography Mentor Series programs.

“The Mentor Series travels to dramatic, vibrant and cultural destinations creating a hands-on learning experience out in the field.”

Although I’ve done several photo trips, this will be my first time leading a program with this esteemed program. The trek lasts from November 6th to November 8th in gorgeous Tucson, Arizona.

I’ll be teaching alongside Tom Bol, who I haven’t taught with before, but have heard some rather great things about, from more than a few people.  I always learn something from all of the people I collaborate with, and I look forward to seeing Tom in action.

We’ll be checking out the area before the workshop kicks off, and I’ll be sharing the process of how I translate places into photographs. One of my favorite things is to scout out new locations and figure out how to make it work, so it’ll be a lot of fun to do this together as a group. To learn more, and to sign up, please visit the Mentor Series Website. You can view a preliminary itinerary, or you can go directly to the sign-up page.

I usually share more of my portrait work, but I’ve done quite a bit of travel and landscape photography over the years, and that will be a good amount of the focus of this particular mentor series.

All the photographs shared in this post were shot with Nikon gear. Specially, the Nikon D810, most with the Nikkor 24-70 2.8 lens, and some with a polarizing filter.



Glacier National Park, Montana


Jackson, Wyoming


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


I firmly believe that the more experience you get with locations, lighting, subjects, and situations, the more quickly and effectively you can respond in nearly all types of circumstances. It’s one of the reasons I like to photograph a variety of genres rather regularly and love to photograph everything on all of my travels.


Glacier National Park, Montana


Montana Skies


Grand Tetons, Wyoming


Yellowstone, Wyoming


Grand Tetons, Wyoming

There’s so much involved in running a photography business – far more than people expect, which is why most of my teaching involved business, marketing, and lifestyle. But this trip will be pretty much directly focused on shooting, which is really fun. The only preparation needed from attendees is gear that is ready to go – and an open mind.


Yellowstone, Wyoming


Yellowstone, Wyoming


Glacier National Park, Montana

It’s truly an honor to work with Popular Photography and Nikon on this internationally-recognized mentor series. I remember seeing their ads for photo trips years ago, thinking how much I’d love to do one – and here I am leading one! The coolness of that is not lost on me.

The exact details of the photo trip, directly from the program description:

Photograph birds of prey during Raptors Free Flight at the Sonora Desert Museum. Showcasing the natural behavior of native birds in the open desert, the flight demonstration will provide a great understanding and appreciation of desert wildlife. The 98-acre museum is also brimming with botanicals, various animal species, mineral collections and an aquarium for photographic exploration. Finally, as we end the day at Saguaro National Park, we will capture the cactus-studded landscape as the sun falls over the desert during our sunset light painting demo. After an early departure to capture the morning’s first light, photograph the exterior of Mission San Xavier del Bac, a functioning, 18th century mission. Framed in the warm browns of the surrounding hills and the violet shadows of more distant mountains, the Mission rises, brilliantly white from the desert floor. Learn to use your off camera flash to photograph models at Prima Air and Space Museum—an airplane graveyard—and at Old Tuscan Studios, an Old West town with saloons and churches. A visit to White Stallion Ranch to capture images of horses, wranglers, barns and ranch life concludes the photographic journey.

To learn more, and to sign up, please visit the Mentor Series Website. You can view a preliminary itinerary, or you can go directly to the sign-up page.

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