Ty Pennington

I was honored (and grateful) to photograph another Extreme Makeover: Home Edition last week. This time I photographed The Creasey Family, and the designers selected more than 50 of their portraits for their brand new (gorgeous) home. Thanks, again, to Buckeye Color Lab for the fabulous, fast printing. It was a joy to watch the craziness unfold, and to be a part of it. I’ll be posting the photographs of the family – including some cool extras inside the house of the designers at work – after the episode airs, which should be right after the new year. While I was on the tent & trailer set, I also did a photo shoot with Ty Pennington, who actually is that nice and funny and friendly of a guy 🙂

If you’re following me on twitter, you might have seen this image that I re-tweeted from Ty – his post had a great lead in… “Also this week I met one of the neighbors. We had a connection, a moment. Molly has the most beautiful eyes – and ears. “ He wasn’t lying … she really did 🙂

A life on set: A life in trailers.

…although there’s time for both work & silliness inside the trailer…

This last one was a very difficult capture. You see, there’s this multi-talented photographer/ ‘film guy’/assistant-to-Ty guy who says to me … yeah, your photographs might be good and all, whatever – but I have captured the supernatural on film – can you say that *you* shoot ghosts?” I do not think so, lady. I do not think so at all … A small caveat: I saw his ghost on film and – well, it’s a stretch, and he knows it 😉 I mean, if you’re going to shoot a ghost, you have to put in a lot of time, effort, have the right equipment, maintain your central point of interest in a compelling intersection in terms of the overall composition, watch your depth of field, keep tact sharp while constantly keeping your eye on shifts in lighting and, of course, stay in control of the actual pose while maintaining an interaction that elicits the desired expression you want (because you don’t want to overshadow the non-ghost) … but, probably more important than anything else is this: If you’re going to shoot a ghost, you should make sure that they are, indeed, …. friendly 🙂

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