two-day portrait photographer’s workshop

a big thanks to Erin Casey and Jessi Blakely (for the top image and bottom left image, respectively!) from our last in-studio portrait photographer’s workshop & shooting clinic!)

SOLD OUT (But more to be announced soon!) Please note: There will be optional individual mentoring sessions with Tamara before and after the workshop at the nearby coffee shop, at no additional cost – warm beverages and cupcakes included! Topics can vary from portfolio critiques to business model reviews to whatever you’re most interested in discussing. We’re proud of our 100% Would Recommend to A Friend rating after our last portrait photographer’s workshop. Specific feedback included: “Fantastic experience, much more information than I had hoped. I came away excited about children’s photography and can’t wait to start a business. Tamara put everything in such an easy way to understand. I loved watching her work and how she relates to the children; she hasn’t forgotten how to play!” “Loved it! Was great seeing in person a functioning high-end studio with staff. It really helped clarify where I want my business to go. Plus the fact that Tamara is very real and inviting is very unique and pleasant. So I was pleasantly surprised about how nice and generous she was!” “I think it [the workshop] was well-prepared, energetic and well done. Tamara is a fun and good presenter, knows when to take breaks and certainly has her timing of her day well thought out. I’m glad the shoot went longer than planned; it was the perfect time for me to see her at work, see what she says and how she sets up her photos.” *Please note that the workshop will be of most value to you if you read through the literature provided in advance and fill out the survey with as much detail as possible.

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