Tune in March 20th for Free Health & Energy Workshop at creativeLIVE!

Health & Energy Workshop

Spend two days immersed in how to feel better each and every day. Join me as I host this fantastic, high-energy, information-packed (no, seriously, it’s PACKED) workshop with some fantastic experts who are all joining in and teaching some amazing content about health & energy. If you want to stay in on this ONGOING DISCUSSION about how we do it all, work, life, health, relationships, home, money, time … All In One Life? Include your name here, we’re going to keep this dialogue going! We kick off everything this Wednesday, March 20th, with Health & Energy. I remember taking a Health course in high school. I assure you, this is nothing like that. Who are our truly esteemed experts?? Scott Jurek, named as one of Runner’s World’s greatest runners of ALL TIME and a plant-based nutrition expert, he is also the author of the New York Times’ Best Selling book Eat And Run – a VERY inspiring read with tons of great information. Scott will be discussing how you fuel your body optimally for every day living and showing us exactly how he puts together some of his favorite meals – meals that make him go farther than most humans ever will. Drew Canole, Transformation Specialist at Fit Life TV, host of the wildly-popular Juicing Vegetables, and author of two Amazon Best Sellers, Juicing Recipes and Train Your Taste To Trim your Waist – Drew will be walking through the art of juicing and blending and teaching how, exactly, you can retrain your tastebuds to better serve your health. (Yes, it so can be done). Chris Brogan, CEO of Human Business Works, author, and speaker – Chris will join us to talk about his very own transformation, how making small, healthy steps changed his life, and what made all the difference to him. It always starts with mindset. Kathleen Putnam, MS RD, co-founder of NutritionWorks Consulting, will be breaking down all the nutrition terms we hear about into every day language, and sharing why you should care. She’ll also be stepping through the most popular food followings out there. And Steve Kamb, Rebel Leader at, will show us some incredible health transformations, speak to the power of moving your body regularly, knock out some myths about fitness, and tell us the secret to exercising regularly all your life – complete with showing us how you can do so anywhere, with nothing more than your own (miraculous) body. Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 9.19.52 AM Throughout it all, I’ll be sharing detailed walkthroughs of how you get YOU on your side. That doesn’t just mean how do I get motivated? .. it means, how do you set yourself up each and every day to stay motivated. To want to make great choices. How do you make it less work and more enjoyable? There actually are tried and true techniques that work consistently. We’ll also do an entire cooking demo – fast food reDEFINED. How can you quickly make healthy, delicious meals AND avoid so much exhausting cleanup? And, along the way, we’ll discuss how to make health a priority for your family, how to get kids to eat their vegetables (!!!), how to boost your own energy levels – and how to pull all this information together to stay inspired day after and day. Here is the DETAILED AGENDA for these two incredible days. If you haven’t enrolled yet, enroll now – it’s FREE! Wednesday, March 20th (all times are PST, as this is being filmed from Seattle): 9:00am – Overview of Health & Energy 9:30am – Getting & Staying Motivated (Getting YOU on your side) The Psychology of OverEating & Solutions 10:45am – How To Boost Your Energy 11:30am – Food For Fuel, with guest Scott Jurek 1:45pm – Juicing, with guest Drew Canole 2:30pm – Re-Training Tastebuds, with guest Drew Canole 3:00pm – A Profile in Mindset & Healthy Living, with guest Chris Brogan 3:30pm – Emphasizing Health With Your Family and Kids & Vegetables! Thursday, March 21st 9:00am – Breakdowns of Superfoods & Nutrition, with guest Kathleen Putnam, MS RD 9:30am – Overview of Popular Eating Plans 10:00am – A Cooking Demo: Art of Cooking & Optimizing Comfort Foods 11:30am – Fitness and Health, with guest Steve Kamb 1:45pm – Exercising for Life, with guest Steve Kamb 2:30pm – At Home Fitness, or Exercise Anywhere, with guest Steve Kamb 3:00pm – Easiest Ways to Burn Calories EVER 3:30pm – Building A New Normal & Staying Motivated Remember, you can enroll here for free to watch the entire program, and you can stay part of the ongoing discussion by adding your name here : ) After 9am PST, uou can watch LIVE directly here: COMMENTS, FEEDBACK, QUESTIONS you’d like answered on the show – please leave below!! And the entire series? You can see it all here. allin-final-green(1280)

7 responses to “Tune in March 20th for Free Health & Energy Workshop at creativeLIVE!”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hey Tamara! I was wondering if there’s going to be a bundle of these segments offered? I’d love to get all of them! 🙂

  2. Stephanie says:

    Woot! Woot! Awesome! You just made my day!!! Thanks so much!!

  3. Christine says:

    Hey Tamara! I just wanted to say what a revelation I found your (Getting YOU on your side) was for me. Working with willingness instead of willpower I can feel is such a HELPFUL mental shift. Your courses always deliver more than I could expect! Thank you! I can’t wait for day 2!

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