Triple Scoop Music collection

Triple Scoop Music was only founded five years ago, but in that time they’ve skyrocketed to the most visible name in the music licensing service at any major photography trade show, convention – or social network. They have reached such meteoric success because they got in the business to provide fresh, innovative, and award-winning (Grammy and Emmy award-winning, to be specific) music to what had been rapidly becoming a pretty tired royalty-free music industry.I first met the founders of Triple Scoop Music on the dance floor of a karaoke bar outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Long story short, they wiped the whole place with our sorry voices – and I still quite liked them anyway. Turns out they are not only tremendous musicians and artists, but they’re smart business people, too.Since then, I have scoured through the massive library of Triple Scoop Music for not only my photography and presentation work, but also much of the soundtrack to Inside Contemporary Children’s Photography DVD and the just-released Capturing Life Through (Better) Photography DVD. I spend so much time on music because I get quite connected to the images I photograph. After putting so much care and effort into the photo shoot – and then moving on to finish the look and feel of the imagery – the last thing I want to do is then display them with blah music. The other thing? I like how easy it is to work with the site and the individuals who run it. No matter how very long it takes my children to clean their rooms, I still know that our lives here are short – I’d rather work with friendly people, who just make life nicer. When I was approached over a year ago about creating a customized music collection for Triple Scoop, I started hand-picking favorites here and there. Now, about 15 months later, we have created a wonderful collection of songs that work beautifully with children’s portraiture. A couple of these songs I have been enjoying for years, a few of them are more recent additions and really reflect the sound I was going for – and four of the ten are absolutely brand new, so I’m thrilled that they are debuting with this collection. We are going to be premiering The Little Ones collection for the first time at WPPI in Las Vegas, next week. They will have samples of this collection at every one of their listening stations on the massive Expo floor. And, I will be giving away the entire collection – as well as a gift certificate to each individual song – throughout the course of my platform presentation on Tuesday, February 22nd, at 8am (remember they ask you to pre-board to secure your seat). I hope you enjoy the songs as much as I do!

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