Tony & Anna

As part of the wonderful Life As An Artform workshop this week, Jesh and I took turns photographing two sets of models to showcase to our awesome group how two photographers can work with the same people, similar equipment and yet be true to their own selves. First up was Tony & Anna, who also happened to be wedding photographers and also happened to be gorgeously in love with each other after 3 years of marriage…

And since this was a workshop designed to show how you can work with the same image in slightly different ways, the same as the one above, with a lighter feel….

Once again, a different look – “The Pottery Barn”:

Showing how to use all of a room – creating a “softbox” feel outside of the studio…

And my last two favorites – they both look so wonderful in all of these images, but I LOVE Tony’s look in this one:

And I LOVE Anna’s in this one:

Thanks so much for sharing yourselves with all of us and for sticking around to chat later – it was wonderful meeting you both!! I will post again with more images from the workshop and an overview on the seriously amazing people who were all a huge part of it…

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