the twins, the couple, the sand

I had the pleasure of photographing Sally & Todd’s wedding a few years ago. Since then, I’ve seen them both out and about, especially at fun races around town, or when I caught them at the pool, usually training for some event. They definitely maximized their no-kids-yet-married time, especially their very cool trip to New Zealand, etc., to race at the Ironman competition and tour about on bikes. When Sally got pregnant, with twins, she still didn’t slow down much – and Kelly and Ryan seem to have inherited all their parent’s energy! We met down at the lighthouse on Bald Head, and it cracked me up how much they each separately resemble their parents:

Ryan heard a dog barking behind the fence and was bound and determined to seek him out 🙂

I mentioned the twins’ energy – thank goodness Sally and Todd are in such great shape, as I noticed that they often seem to be moving in the opposite direction from each other…

We stayed out past sunset and then all grabbed dinner and drinks up at the dock afterwards before they caught a late ferry back to the other side. Thanks for a great shoot, guys!

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