The Tamara Lackey Style Book is Available!

For Photographers: I am pleased to announce that the Kubota Artist Series’ Tamara Lackey Style Book is now available to purchase! Thank you all for your emails and excitement over the anticipated release of this book (and associated DVD & my customized Kubota actions). Kevin Kubota and I had received so many requests to share details behind various looks and feels – and styles – that we finally just teamed up on this book. We can’t wait for you to start using the guide and the Kubota Image Tools to create signature looks of your own. (Please note that last part … the book is designed to give you ideas and direction – but your style is always best created by you!) For all those who wanted to see the replay of the webinar last week – you can see the highlights video below, with a walkthrough of processing an image. To purchase the Tamara Lackey Style Book, Please Click Here!

CHECK OUT TAMARA LACKEY’S STYLE BOOK HIGHLIGHTS: For a preview of the post-processing walkthrough … Warning: if you’re not a photographer or interested in any digital art of post-processing finishing, this will probably be a rather boring video. To purchase the Tamara Lackey Style Book, Please Click Here!

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