The Posing Playbook … for Kids Who Don’t Do Posing

The Posing Playbook… for Kids Who Don’t Do Posing

I am quite excited, relieved, fulfilled, and all kinds of other positive words, to announce the very quite official launch of our new Posing Playbook … for Kids Who Don’t Do Posing.   You can download your copy here! We have been developing this informative guide for the last six months, and it’s certainly been a serious work in progress. It was nearly finished in July, when we referred to it while I was teaching at creativeLIVE, but then we pulled it back and added more.  A lot more, in fact.   Tamara-Lackey-The-Posing-Playbook   The next-to-final addition to the Posing Playbook was the emphasis on how significant it is to bring spirit to the image, which is usually centered around the portrait photographer consciously bringing out the spirit in their subject.  I believe it’s one thing to pull off a fun and natural-looking pose with a child who isn’t interested in posing – it’s quite another to do that while still emphasizing the authenticity of who they are, and the full spectrum of emotion that children bring to the table. Although this Posing Playbook is based around the universal truth that while most kids don’t really do posing, I know from experience that nearly all kids are amenable to being moved this way and that and often will take posing direction beautifully – you just often have to use an entirely different language to get them to do so. And much of it isn’t verbal. This playbook contains a wealth of posing ideas, each with detailed Before & After images, as well as all technical settings, metering choices, lighting configurations (and many descriptions of why all these choices were made), brief descriptions of shoots … and, even more helpful, easy bullet points to reference when actually photographing children and families. In other words, it’s not just about what the final shot looks like; it’s about how, exactly,you create it.   Tamara-Lackey-Posing-Paybook-Preview   Delivered electronically, this posing playbook was created for you to be able to read through the book in detail, then easily refer to for ideas and inspiration while out and about on a shoot, as it’s built for use with all mobile devices. You can order the Posing Playbook here – or feel free to contact the studio with any questions or, hey, just call us at 919.484.8000. Speaking of studio, huge appreciation to our Studio Manager Sarah Coppola and our designer Amy Lyons for the collective /fantastic graphic design/information management skills they applied to this puppy. Also!  The final addition was that we just officially changed the title of the product, based on this review we read from the lovely Heidi K. Moore (thank you for the unexpected inspiration, Heidi!). We thought her feedback was so apt about what the product actually was that we were downright forced to change the title. Today. Like, an hour ago. Moved by the spirit of the truth, if you will. And if you’re interested in what people who already bought it are saying, here are a couple quick blurbs we’ve already heard to date, starting with the awesome title-changer: Tamara’s Posing Handbook is far beyond a traditional posing guide. Instead of showing subjects in various poses with explanations of where to put arms, hands etc, this Handbook is more like a “playbook.” It is replete with specific strategies for dealing with scenarios commonly-encountered by children and family photographers. I have added reviewing this Handbook to the mental “warm up” I do before every session and have successfully used several of Tamara’s strategies.  Additionally, the Handbook provides a method for reviewing my own past sessions and identifying successful “poses.” Once again, Tamara has created an incredibly useful tool to help photographers realize more success with clients and in their businesses. ~ Heidi K. Moore, Heidi K. Moore Photography I love, love, love this posing handbook! Packed with so much information. So great to see the before picture(s) and then to read what Tamara was thinking and what she did to get the final finished picture. This is something I am going to use often and I know that will help me out greatly. Thank you so much for putting this product out there for us! ~ Gayle Shrader

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    This looks like it should be a good read. I agree with the way you look at things.

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