The Outer Banks

I am out in the gorgeous Outer Banks of North Carolina this week. For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s this beautiful string of islands off the coast – and a lovely host for all kinds of native animals. We’ve seen a bunch of them just around the beach house and up & down the coastline. My favorite so far is the bouncy, sticky, boomerang-like tree frog! I also wanted to thank photographer Brandy Cardarelli for showing photographs from their session to her sweet friend Nirit – we had a wonderful session in some gloriously-fading sunlight with 20-month old Lia, who loved the wind on the beach just about as much as she loved the feel of the sand. More to come later, but here’ s a little preview…

Oh – and Happy Anniversary, Nirit! I’d say your husband did a great job with his gift this year 🙂

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