The new cover of Adoptive Families Magazine

The new issue of Adoptive Families Magazine is out, and this beautiful cover model is Mimi, from Ethiopia. I love photographing covers for Adoptive Families Magazine for a few reasons: First of all, I’m a huge advocate for adoption, no surprise there. Secondly, I get the opportunity to suggest my portrait clients for magazine covers! Little Mimi here is not just gorgeous, but she also has an incredibly interesting life story … and she’s only a toddler. She was born in Ethiopia, adopted by two awesome people in North Carolina who love her like crazy, not to mention her doting grandmother who buys her adorable dresses like the one she’s wearing here…and then, last summer, the whole family moved to another part of Africa, where Mimi’s mom now does some fascinating work for the Family Health International in Tanzania. How cool is that??? Thirdly, the magazine works with me to donate all the editorial photography fees to the Worldwide Orphans Foundation, which helps me cut down on how many parties I have to throw to help support their fantastic cause 🙂 🙂 🙂 And, lastly, and most importantly: A FREE SUBSCRIPTION. And I don’t just skim the pub, either – good stuff in there, I tell you, good stuff!

Some past covers… Charlotte, from China; Carmen, from Guatemala… and that last little guy might look familiar – that’s my sweet Caleb when he was 15 months old, about 6 months after he came home from Ethiopia.

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