The Martha Stewart Show!

I recently received a call from the artists at Waxworks, who produce beautiful encaustic paintings from images that professional photographers create. They wanted to ask my permission to use one of my pieces on The Martha Stewart show for a full segment they were taping in the New York. I have only had a couple pieces made (I’m absolutely planning to create more), but I was thrilled that the piece they chose was also one of my little girl. Considering they chose this as one of many, many pieces, I was quite honored 🙂 The show will air nationwide sometime this spring, I’m quite excited to see it! Here is the image – as an original, and as a 15″ x 22” wax piece:

I was told that there was a nice pan of it on the show, but we’ll see what makes it through to editing! And a preview of it on the show (with my super duper high-production-value pointer at work to show you the piece), image courtesy of Waxworks…

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