The Good News Post and a $150 Adorama Giveaway

The Good News Post & a $150 Adorama Giveaway

Tamara Lackey, Tamara Lackey Photography,

Shot with the Nikon D810 & 85mm 1.4, photographed at f1.8.

This can be a stressful time of year for a lot of people (especially photographers!). Knowing this, I recently shared this image on my Facebook page of an iridescent hummingbird I photographed because, as a spirit animal, they symbolize enjoyment of life, lightness of being, being present, the lifting up of negativity, and resiliency. (I know all of this only because I read it here.) But it feels right. : ) The wonderful team at Adorama agreed that we could all use some good cheer and have sent over $150 for me to give away to one lucky commenter. Adorama, Tamara Lackey, giveaway So I task you with this challenge: Share a story of something GOOD in the comments. Something positive that is happening in the world, as you see it – something that is growing momentum towards GOOD for you and/or others. Please comment below, and I will select a winner on Tuesday, December 22nd. Plus, most importantly, we can all benefit from reading the positivity in each other’s worlds. In other (GOOD) news, we just updated our front page, showcasing even more of the amazing ways big-hearted, creative individuals are donating their talents for good. I am constantly awed by how frequently, and creatively, people choose to give.   beautiful-together-homepage-December-update-TamaraLackey   And, speaking of GOOD, keep an eye on Nations Photo Lab! They are offering discounts throughout the holidays, and what better gift is there than printing your own images for your family and loved ones? Check them their new promo codes here: $50 for New Customer Sign Ups Promo Code: TLNEWDEC Expires: 12.31.15 (Order by ROES ONLY)   AND 15% off Prints, including on top of any existing sales (!) Promo Code: TLPRINTSDEC Starts: 12.26.15 / Expires: 12.31.15   SO looking forward to seeing your comments – and to giving away $150 to spend (or gift) as you like on anything at!      

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