The Florida PPA State Convention

A hearty thank you to the Florida PPA State Convention for inviting me down to speak during your festivities! Loved the fun welcome basket and cool certificate (seriously, who does not like to be appreciated – and in certificate form?? Awesome!) I’m so grateful to Simply Canvas and Buckeye Color Lab for sponsoring this presentation–two absolutely wonderful vendors to work with, no doubt.

Thanks for the sweet personalized pickup from the airport, Mr. Matt Radlinski. No doubt that your & Krystal’s The School of Rad will fill up quickly! My favorite part of speaking is always meeting people and chatting with them afterwards. I love the sweet feedback, all the smart questions, that one super affection bear hug – and the follow-up emails. Truly!! All these storms are nerve-wracking, to say the least, but they do provide us with some amazing skies. After yapping for 3 hours, it was great to get back to my room, kick off my heels, catch up on email and – even better – to look out my hotel window and see this…

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