The Final Four, Hubert Davis, and Basketball

There’s a bit of a sadness around Chapel Hill now that UNC is out of the Final Four. The good news is that my friend Hubert Davis, an Analyst for ESPN, can finally engage in some seriously needed downtime with his family, after a frenzied season of traveling to tons of games to cover them. He also gets the opportunity to hang out with this gorgeous woman, his wife and close friend, Leslie:

And with these adorable sweeties:

Leslie and Hubert are seriously good people. They are heavily involved in our community, supporting The Strong Kids Foundation, working with college athletes at UNC non-stop, and running The Hubert Davis Basketball Camp. The camp is designed to teach kids to compete in basketball (and in life) with integrity. A worthy, worthy endeavor. The camp is currently set up for boys ages 10-17 and is focused on sharing the principles of Christianity. When I asked Leslie if you had to be Christian to attend, she said they welcome all faiths or non-believers or anything in-between! *(I’ve also heard that the camp is just set up for boys because Hubert is afraid of girls. Just what I heard :)* The Hubert Davis Basketball Camp runs from July 13th – 15th, and you can contact the Chapel Hill Carrboro YMCA to find out more details or to register for the 2008 camp.

The camp takes place at The Dean Smith Center, but Hubert is not always guaranteed to be standing in this spot smiling at you.

I do believe this is the first team photo I ever shot 🙂 Don’t I seem tall?

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