The Favoloso Cardarelli Family

I first met Brandy and Fabio at Victoria & Jeremy’s wedding at Hilton Head Island. Brandy and Victoria are sisters, and Brandy was very helpful at the wedding, totally gung-ho for some fun shooting, with a great eye for cool shots.

We met up about six months later at a leafy park in Chapel Hill for a lively portrait session. Brandy made the trek up from Charlotte with her husband, her incredibly sweet mother-in-law and father-in-law (visiting from Italy) and their gorgeous baby, Lorenzo.

This shoot was particularly fun because Lorenzo is a super-smiley-exceptionally-adorable-baby boy, Fabio is a genuinely happy & loving guy and Brandy, beyond being a natural in front of the camera, knew what was going on in terms of what shots I was trying to get. I loved how she’d subtly tell everyone else to get out of the background so I could get certain angles.

Check out this ADORABLE NUGGET:

Leaf Shower in the park!!!

Seriously – who does not love a baby in a tree???

With sweet nonno and nonna (can you tell that I am working my English-Italian dictionary???)

And why Brandy & Fabio are still very much in love – goofy, cute, and not afraid to jump on each other in front of the parents 🙂

…and I just had to throw in this great shot of them together at Victoria & Jeremy’s wedding…

Oooooh – and this one!! Brandy is “The Splasher” 🙂

12 responses to “The Favoloso Cardarelli Family”

  1. Brandy Cardarelli says:

    AH! You posted all my FAVORITES! We are cute, aren’t we?! Now, if we could just get back to you so we can get some belly shots of the new Cardarelli in the oven…

  2. Tamara Lackey says:

    Yeah, I had fun playing with that top one a bit more. That face! When is oven baby planning to emerge??

  3. Rachel Garrison says:

    Oh, sweet face! Please order a studio sample of the first image so we can see it every morning!

  4. Brandy Cardarelli says:

    The baby will be nice and toasty July 10th!

    You know, that first shot is one with the ‘scrunchy nose’ I had said "oh GOD, he will not stop making that face!". I’m so glad you got it, it is my favorite photo of him because it is SO him!

  5. Nirit Cordes says:

    Oh yes. It’s definitely them. The lovely, crazy, and unique Cardarelli family we fell in love with. Beautiful, beautiful. The amazing thing is that they weren’t posing a bit. They just are this upside-down, easy, and fun bunch. You’ve done a great job capturing the Cardarelli way of life, Tamara!

  6. Lisa Thomas says:

    Honey, you rocked this session! I am so in love with it! I hope we’re in the same place sometime with my family, cause I certainly want you to shoot us!

  7. Tamara Lackey says:

    Nirit – I’m really looking forward to our beach session!

  8. Victoria Riddle says:

    I love these pictures!! (And of course my wedding pics!) You totally caught Brandy, Fabio, and the peanut at their best! I can’t wait for pics of ‘nut #2!!

  9. Emma P says:

    What a fun, fun shoot, amazing!

  10. Mattis says:

    I can’t find Sara and Daniel’s wedding pictures link- I was a bridesmaid, and need some pictures of it for a school project! DO you mind showing me how to get to it??? Thank you!!!

  11. These guys are so cute! Love the one of the little boy against the tree. Cardarelli is my family name too by the way. Small world.

  12. Bob Gunter says:

    Tamara, you really captured some very special moments. Great work!

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