The Darcy Family

The last time I photographed the Darcy family, a couple of years ago, they were just a family of four. Since then, they added on a sweet Sophie, and it’s funny how you just get the feeling like they were always supposed to be a family of five. You’d never know that it was about 2 degrees outside when we did this shoot – we managed to work around runny noses, super cold fingers and tons of laugh and cry breaks. But we had some gorgeous sunshine and two exceptionally easygoing parents, and what more do you need to make a big ol’ fun family session work? Perhaps a dose of adorable kids, plenty of trees, and lots of dancing… I have to commence with this awesome mullet-like updo of Sophie’s, enhanced by daddy’s micro-fan:

I guess that’s one way to show your love…

There’s Elvis…

How can you not love extreme closeups???

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