the convention is officially over!

Wow – was that an amazing experience! The photography convention went sooooo extremely well, and I enjoyed not only meeting up with some top-tier shooters from around the world, but also getting the opportunity to hear some fantastic speakers, as well as present a lot of my thoughts & ideas to others. I have to share some of the feedback I received, if only to give you an idea of how smart the attendees were 🙂 Some comments from the uber-talented Matt Radlinski (of K-Gallery) in Florida, as grabbed from his posted overall review of the event…. [I have to preface his comment by saying that he’d told me in advance that he wasn’t sure he’d be attending my seminar. I had to personally request his attendance in my most non-sarcastic voice. So I share his comments because they were hard-earned!] “Her talk was probably the single best photo seminar on any subject I have ever attended. It needs to be a WPPI platform speech. There are several elements that go into making a great presentation, and she had all of them. It?s difficult enough to inform, entertain, and inspire, but on top of all of that, she was also insightful. It?s insight that?s hard. Boiling a subject down to its basic components and really understanding and communicating WHY things are they way they are. Absolutely incredible. I will never think of children?s portraiture the same way again. Oh, and she?s really good at pictures, too.” From Best of Boston (and best of, like, everything) Melissa Tirado “Tamara, words can’t say how much I loved your seminar and how much I just love being around you in general. Your personality and genuineness makes it so easy to see why your clients love you so much! Your seminar was just phenomenal – one of the absolute highlights of the entire week. Remember my notes? I scribbled another two full pages on the way home because you just got the wheels turning in my head. Thank you!” And Virgil from Charleston,, a seriously NICE guy that I’m looking forward to knowing better: “Thank you Tamara for taking the time to speak. I know how much work it takes to arrange materials to talk about. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You’re presentation was fantastic! Right on the money! I gained a lot of insights from your seminar. I shoot images for Rosalina’s catalog and there were a lot of take-aways from your seminar that I could definitely use. You are very enlightening, entertaining and animating to listen to . You’re work is phenomenal. I love your energy and enthusiasm. I truly enjoyed meeting you. If you ever need a second shooter, feel free to call or email.” Virgil At the risk of going overboard, I’ll just stop here. I have really loved all the other emails and private messages. If I didn’t include your feedback here, trust me, it’s not because it wasn’t meaningful to me, it’s just that I probably received it after feedback #3 came in 🙂 Oh!! And a big thanks to Larz Schwartz for snapping this photo of me on stage. It was so nice of him to not just shoot it but also to actually follow up and send it to me!! From that steep upward angle, you almost wouldn’t know that he slept in that morning 😉 I know I look like I’m waiting for the mother ship to come get me, but it was really just the energy high… Take care, Tamara

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