the book, an update

A huge thank you to all those who have bought my book, The Art of Children’s Portrait Photography, and have written in such wonderful notes, as well as left some great reviews. Have also greatly appreciated reading these editorial reviews: San Francisco Book Review: Tamara Lackey shows us how to do it right. All levels of photographers who wish to break into the children’s photography market can benefit from this book, as Lackey covers the basics of portrait photography, the psychology of dealing with children and delivering killer shots that sell big. Filled with beautiful images from Lackey’s own portfolio, the book is a great look-book for children’s portraits. A noteworthy chapter in the book contains Lackey’s refreshing honesty about the mistakes she made in the early years of her business. Written in easy conversational style, any photographer can feel her pain, share in her triumphs and learn from her photography business anecdotes. Pick it up for giant dab of inspiration. Midwest Book Review: Tamara Lackey’s THE ART OF CHILDREN’S PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY provides lighting techniques for studio and location shots alike and shows how to organize a children’s photo business and photoshoot and how to produce superior photos. Excellent image examples accompany clear tips for gaining superior results from difficult subjects. A top pick for photography libraries. Shutterbug Magazine: The Art of Children?s Portrait Photography; by Tamara Lackey; This book should serve as an inspiration for anyone who photographs kids or who would like to make a living as a children?s photographer. Sprinkled around some of the best kid portraits I?ve ever seen, Tamara Lackey introduces readers to her world with common sense tips on not only how to make the photographs but how to deal with specific personalities, such as ?the performer,? plus shy and even sick kids. Among the information on cropping, posing, and the working environment, Lackey provides solid advice in a friendly manner and in few words. She fills the second half of the book with solid information on pricing, sales, and marketing, making this book an essential mini-course in learning how to photograph children creatively and make money at the same time. Already published in four different languages, Amazon has also recently started selling it as a Kindle book – I’m really looking forward to getting a look at that. We are thrilled at the money being raised (100% of author proceeds) for The Worldwide Orphans Foundation and Save The Children from book sales – more than originally hoped for, already, just in the short time the book has been out 🙂 It’s also fun to watch the rankings of sales, which fluctuate – I was particularly excited to see it jump to the top of the overall books on portrait photography, and after catching that enough times in a row, I just had to grab a photo of the listings and share…

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