The Bartholomew Family

I met Neva Bartholomew through a mutual friend. You know how you like some people in such an easy way? We didn’t become every day friends immediately, I simply liked her. We would later partner with a couple other friends and throw a Giving Party which produced some amazing results. And over time, I would learn more about her life and her family. And the more you know about The Bartholomews, the more you cannot help but admire them. First of all, Neva and Dave are both smart and dedicated to their professions in the medical field. And, as happens in life, they soon got even busier, raising a family and living life at the brisk pace necessary when working and focused on children. When their youngest daughter was born, there seemed to be some problems. Vague, unidentified (yet significant) developmental delays. Special needs. They didn’t know a lot about why or what now. But what they did know was that Meg was a sweet, sweet girl. Then, last year, Dave was diagnosed with B cell lymphoma. This, at least, Neva could try to do *something* about – so she signed up for Team in Training and pledged to race an olympic distance triathlon and raise funds for the leukemia & lymphoma society. And she did an amazing job. She raised over $10,000 and finished a hard race for which she trained a great deal. The outpouring of support from her friends, family, and community was wonderful, including the neighborhood yard sale that was put together by those who they lived among every day, those with whom they subsequently grew closer – all proceeds benefited the leukemia & lymphoma society. When we got together for our session, we chose a symbolic time and place. Ten years after they were married at the Fearrington, I photographed the couple celebrating their anniversary and the loving family they are today at the same location they’d exchanged their vows. Remarkably, Meg had just started walking, a big milestone. I had gone into this shoot expecting some challenges, but Meg surprised us and was all smiles. And big sister Eden was a bundle of energy, issuing some perfectly executed “attacks” on Meg that had her collapsing in laughter. Meet this remarkable family….

Both sisters, walking together 🙂

Energetic Eden…

Meg can fly!!!

Ten years of marriage 🙂

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