the art of (yummy) cake

Greg Bingham, the Sugar Artist and Owner of The Art of Cake , is a seriously fabulous cake designer. He puts such passion and focus into his work, and his cakes are simply little works of art. And, actually, the wedding cakes are not really little!! But they are typically just such fun to examine, and they taste amazing. You know how you sometimes have to judge if a definitely-not-low-fat food is worth it? Well, his cakes are always worth it. I have tried quite a few of them 🙂 I had a fun shoot with a couple of his masterpieces the other day…. keep in mind that every part of his cakes are edible:

Yes, this one is actually a cake, modeled awesomely after a handbag. Makes me want to shop and eat at the exact same time! Check out the detail of this “frosting”:

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