Tamara Lackey Speaks at CES 2019 on the Power of Personal Projects

CES 2019 Welcomes Tamara Lackey and the Power of Personal Projects

From Tamara: I am heading back to the GIANT Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2019) in Vegas on January 8th, and I am thrilled to be speaking for Nikon again! AND I will join a panel of incredibly talented photographers, Jen Rozenbaum and Stacy Pearsall, led by the amazing Mike Corrado, to discuss the power of personal projects.

Personal projects are a powerful way for professional photographers to focus on topics that are most important to them. It’s a way to fuel their creative spirits and explore another source of inspiration. My focus will be on my work with Beautiful Together. Jen will be speaking about her experience with breast cancer – and some powerful resulting imagery. And Stacy will be sharing her striking work with veteran portraits.

If you’re not going to be in Vegas with the million+ other CES attendants (bejeebus, it’s big), you can tune in to watch my program and panel discussion via  Plus, you can watch ALL of these seriously amazing speakers — some of the top photographers in the world — via 

You can check the speakers schedule below to find out when Nikon will livestream globally!

Here’s part of the line-up:

There are so many speakers to choose from, like Joe McNally and Jerry Ghionis. Also, you can catch multi-speaker panels where they offer insights through interactive conversations. For example, if you are just starting your career in photography, you can watch Taylor Gray, Kiamarie Stone, and Nicolas Bruno share their experiences during On the Rise|Getting Started in Photography.

Just don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to listen to Nikon’s photography experts!

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CES 2019 Schedule of Speakers

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