reDefine Show with Inspirational Photographers Kenny Kim and Brooke Shaden

New reDefine Show Episodes from Kenny Kim and Brooke Shaden with Tamara Lackey

Here’s another two truly inspirational episodes of the reDefine Show, produced in conjunction with Adorama and featured on AdoramaTV.

Destination Wedding and Travel Photography with Kenny Kim

In this episode, I chat with world-renowned wedding photographer Kenny Kim, as he shares his gorgeous destination photography, a great lesson about overcoming crippling fear, and an absolutely fantastic tip for anyone looking to book more work.







Self Portrait Fine Art Photography with Brooke Shaden  – Parts I & II

In this two-part episode series, I sit down with the fabulously talented Brooke Shaden, as we talk about how her early focus in self-portraits ended up taking her work, and her self-awareness, to a whole new level.

Then, in part 2 of our very cool discussion, we dig into her unique post-processing work, where she truly finishes the story of her images. Even though she sets up A LOT before taking a shot, she can still sometimes spend up to 50 hours in Photoshop – even building up to 1,000 layers – before finalizing a piece. Hear more here and, if you haven’t yet, definitely learn more about her wonderful work with The Light Space:







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