Susan & Dustin

When I photographed Sarah & Paul Casey’s wedding in Hawaii last year, I had a blast spending four days with not only them but also with their amazing friends and family. By the time I photographed their Chapel Hill wedding celebration weeks later, it was like greeting old friends. And Sarah & Paul have become dear friends since then. My husband and I are sincerely happy to have them in our life 🙂 So when I learned that Susan, Paul’s sister, got engaged, it was bittersweet news. I was so happy for her & Dustin but disappointed to learn that I couldn’t in fact clone myself, as I was already booked for that date. The good news is that I had the great fun of photographing their engagement party at Wrightsville Beach, a sweet gift from their brother and sister-in-law! This also marked the third home of Paul and Susan’s parents that I have had the privilege to spend time in – of course their Kona home but also their fantastic Las Vegas penthouse. I plan to start angling for their place in Singapore next*. (*I may have made that location up. Sarah, is that right???) The gorgeous beach house….

Some time out on the beach. It was fun weather – cloudy and misty, warm but snuggly… These two laugh together A LOT, some very obvious affection there 🙂

For some reason, I kept getting this expansive look from The Men throughout the night!

The marvelous Buck family, minus sister 🙁 but plus hubby and boyfriend 🙂

A super lowlight portrait of sweet Sarah & Paul, pulling in warm light from the house lights…

Who knew Drew had so much Madonna in him???

Susan has a seriously great smile…

I do love how parents look when they see how happy their children are…

The always-welcoming Gillings 🙂

This is how Sarah & Paul get STARTED on the dance floor…

The long & close view 🙂

Congratulations, Susan & Dustin! The albums are coming soon!!!!

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