Studio Makeover, Before and After, with Nations Photo Lab

Studio Makeover, Before and After, with Nations Photo Lab

Studio Makeover: I strongly believe in the power of printing your images to showcase your art – and what matters to you the most. When we moved to our brand new studio in Chapel Hill, it was an opportunity to step back and look at how we could display our work and really take advantage of all of the elements of our new space, as well as showcase a variety of the sizes and products we offer. So we started with a very empty, bare-walled Before and eventually finished with a well-designed After.  All the visuals of the Before and After, and the process in between, are showcased in the video below, along with some great tips to consider when making over your own photography studio.

I got to partner with Laura and Allie from the Product Development team at Nations Photo Lab – and Janie with Big Dog Little Bed Productions – to document this process; both the preparation and the actual hanging. It was such a fun way to capture this transition! 



I started off by measuring each space I wanted to hang work and sketched out the space and dimensions on a notepad. I then noted the height of furniture, light switches, etc. The next step was sketching out different sizes and how best they would fit together on the wall, like a fun, very large puzzle. I had to decide which images would go where and what product I wanted them printed on; canvas, gallery blocks, wood prints, metal prints or framed prints.  And the final step was to place the order with our wonderful lab, Nations Photo Lab.
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Then, Allie and Laura from NPL came out and helped us measure and get all of our pieces up quickly.  We had a great time and it was very helpful to have a few extra hands.  And we definitely learned to measure twice, maybe even 3 times, before making a hole in the wall! 🙂

You can see the full video of all the work, and the Before & After images, here:


The full story was also featured in the January 2017 Rangefinder Magazine under the Power of Print Digest section here: (Page 33 in the printed version).

New Studio Makeover, Rangefinder January 2017, Tamara Lackey, Nations Photo Lab


Thank you, Rangefinder Magazine!

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  1. Scott says:

    Love the new studio, Tamara!

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