The Portrait Shoot Playbook, How To Shoot A Photography Session

From Start To Finish: The Portrait Shoot Playbook
How to Shoot A Photography Session

I am so very happy to share that I will soon be releasing my new book, From Start To Finish: The Portrait Shoot Playbook, How To Prepare For, Shoot, And Deliver A Photography Session. It is available for pre-sale now, and we also have some pretty fantastic add-on gifts, as well.

One of the most common questions I get in my 3-day portrait workshops is, basically, some form of this: “Okay, sooo what are all the things I need to know when it comes to shooting a photography session?” My answer is a long one, with a good amount of detail. Yes, I can break down the preparation part and the inspiration part and the gear selection and the process flow part and all the things you need to consider when on a portrait shoot, which is a lot – and then all the aspects to cover when delivering the image. But I also finish by saying,  “And that’s only some of it. I could write an entire book on this!” And so I did.

This manual on how to shoot a photography session is comprehensive. Because photography is amazing and running a photography business can be incredibly fulfilling. But there are also a lot of little things that can make a big difference on not only how well a portrait shoot can go, but also in how much value and impact the images can garner afterwards. Sometimes just following a manual of sorts can help you pull it all together. This Portrait Shoot Playbook covers pretty much everything you need to know when it comes to how to prepare for a photography session, how to shoot a photography session, and how to deliver a photography session, and I step through each part clearly and as succinctly as possible. Because, although there really is a lot to shooting a session well and effectively, when it’s all laid out as clearly as possible, step-by-step, it suddenly becomes a lot easier to process it all and to master it.

The cost of this entire, detailed guide, which is downloadable and can be used while on a photo shoot for reference, is $89. For this pre-sale time, however, there are a couple great offers. First, we are running a pre-sale price of $79, but we are only running that price until the book has been released, which will be after Thanksgiving. In addition, I have also had some wonderful support from my favorite print lab, Nations Photos Lab, and they have offered a $25 gift card to all book purchasers. That $25 credit can be used towards any of their prints, canvas pieces, gallery blocks, holiday and year-round card selections, metal prints, albums, holiday gift options and more. Use that amount in addition to the promo codes we share on our website, and you can get some amazing products for a very low to no cost. 

In addition, Imagely, my favorite source for WordPress themes and plugins including the amazing NextGen gallery, will be offering a $25 gift card for all pre-order sales! This can be used for the first year of your annual subscription to any of the products at

AND, On1, my go-to for all of my editing with On1 Photo RAW 2018, is offering $20 off for all purchases, as well as Westcott, my go-to for constant lights and the Ice Light, who are offering 10% off your entire order. These are one time use ongoing offers, even after the pre-sale!

We also got a fun offer from Adorama – a $25 gift card to the first 10 purchasers of this book. This went quickly, of course – but, altogether this $99 book GIVES money those that purchase it for the pre-sale price now.

So to recap, the Portrait Shoot Playbook is normally $99.

-$20 Pre-sale price

-$25 Nations Photo Lab credit

-$20 On1 credit

-10% off your entire Westcott order

-$25 Imagely credit (pre-sale only)

= money in your pocket (the amount varies depending on the total of your Westcott order)!!

I think anyone getting into portrait photography, or wanting to take their photography shoots to the next level, will find this guide to be exceptionally valuable. I know that I certainly would have loved to have gotten my hands on it when I first started out.

As I always do with our products, services and offerings, 10% of all sales of The Portrait Shoot Playbook will also go towards Beautiful Together, our non-profit 501(c) organization in support of children waiting for families and those living in extreme poverty.



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