sprecken sie deutsch? (a schön family portrait).

I had a beautiful morning photographing this family of four, visiting the United States from Hanover, Germany.  This was our second family photography session – the last one was actually four years ago, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, when they were merely a gorgeous family of three. This was a particularly fun shoot because I was trying my best to speak German, so I could direct the children – and I actually ended up mostly speaking a blend of Spanish, Ukrainian, and French.  Not very helpful.  I posted online that I also had the sad realization that Def Leppard’s Unta Gleeben Glouten Globen wasn’t even German … which knocked out roughly half of my vocabulary. The irony of all of this is that I was actually born in Frankfurt, Germany and lived mostly there until I was eleven years old.  Living on a U.S. Army base doesn’t offer one as much opportunity to learn the local language as you’d think, though. At least not when your Ukrainian parents are more interested in you learning Ukrainian instead. A huge thanks to these beautiful products of Germany for making a pretty great effort to get to Durham, North Carolina for our shoot. I greatly appreciate it.  Hope these feel worth it to you – there are many, many more photographs coming your way soon! Family_Portrait_1_TamaraLackey Family_Portrait_2_TamaraLackey Child_Photography_1_TamaraLackey Couples_Portraits_1_TamaraLackey      

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