Speaking at the Converge Go Summit 2016

 GO Summit 2016 – Street Smarts for Creative Entrepreneurs


I am excited to announce that I will be speaking at the Converge GO Summit this January 8-10th in Southern California. Run by the GoBe Collective, the summit is a gathering of creative entrepreneurs designed to talk about business and the challenges they face.

I have always found business to be nearly just as fascinating as art – and partly because there is a real art to running a smart small business, which is why I teach this subject so frequently. I got involved because I love the focus on creative entrepreneurship, and I personally know just how significant it can be to step back from your business for a bit to really better see how to run it.

Erin Fults, Director of Operations at GoBe Collective (basically the go-to person for everything at GoBe), shared what the GO Summit is:

“GoBe Collective exists to provide inspiration, training and accountability to creative entrepreneurs. GO Summit is the training piece of that equation and takes place every January in beautiful Southern California. It’s a two and half day event where we bring in creative entrepreneur leaders from all over the country to share their experience and expertise.

We love to have surprise and delight moments for our attendees along the way, like the surprise call in from Seth Godin last year. What really makes GO unique though is the opportunity to be a part of coaching groups throughout the remainder of the year called Fastermind Coaching. Conferences are great but on their own aren’t sufficient. Our community that’s participated in coaching beyond the event has gotten the accountability and resources they’ve needed to take major leaps in their business. On average they’ve seen a 300% increase in their revenue this year (no, that’s not a typo).     

We’re so excited about GO Summit 2016 and can’t wait to see the impact it will have on our growing community of creative entrepreneurs this year!”

I am also looking forward to joining the summit because Dane Sanders, the founder of GoBe Collective and the visionary behind the GO Summit, is not just a good friend, but he is also someone whose thoughtfulness, mindset, and leadership I’ve admired for some time.

Dane has written two books for photographers & their businesses – Fast Track Photographer and The Fast Track Photographer Business Plan  and has had extensive coaching experience working with individuals that want to perform in their life and business at optimal levels. He’s inspiring to work with, always pushing the boundaries of possibility.

In addition, this year the GO Summit has selected our non-profit, Beautiful Together, to be their sponsor charity of choice. Given our focus on improving the quality of children waiting for families, and the number of projects and funds we are excited to be support, this is really a wonderful opportunity to share our work and our heart for what we do.

Erin shared how this year’s conference will be different from last year:

“GO will be different in several ways this year. The event will be bigger than last as far as attendees and the venue is new this year.  It will be held at this great co-working space – Wayfare in Costa Mesa, CA. It has been such a perfect fit as the Wayfare vision for creative entrepreneurship is right in sync with the GoBe Collective.   

Another change this year is how we have planned out the speaker content. Inspired by Josh Kaufman’s book Personal MBA, the content will be formatted to include the seven primary areas of running a successful business:

  • Value creation,
  • Sales,
  • Marketing,
  • Value delivery,
  • Systems,
  • Finance and
  • Working with people (yourself and others).

The goal is to provide as much of a comprehensive approach to business training as we can in two and half days. Followed by year-long accountability to implement for those that choose to participate in coaching beyond the event.”

Southern California is a great spot to have a conference in January. The organizers put together a list of things to do while in the area, and I plan on taking advantage of being out there. I am also looking forward to connecting with all the attendees and speakers – and learning from everyone, too.

GO Summit 2016 tickets are still available – and note that you can also use the code ‘tamara‘ to get $50 off your ticket. I hope to see you there!

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