Speaking at Adorama Sunday Family Funday 2016


Adorama Sunday Family Funday 2016 – June 5th on 18th Street in NYC

  This Sunday, I’ll be returning to the Adorama Sunday Family Funday Street Fair! This is the sixth year for this festive celebration, as Adorama shuts down 18th Street and puts on quite the show.  

Adorama Sunday Family Funday, Tamara Lackey Photography

Like in previous years, I’ll be doing a live shoot, as well as a presentation, at 1pm, joining all these other great presenters – and football stars! – for a great day of food, photography, and prize-winning (like, seriously. very generous prize-winning). Speaking of the “hometown” football love from some select New York Giants Players. I am apparently also on the hook with my son to return with a signed autograph and photo with Odell Beckham Jr and am told I should take that far more seriously than any of the other stuff I’ll be doing in New York. So there’s that. And even though it’s obviously not nearly as important, here is an overview of my program:  


 You can find a lot more information about the entire Adorama Sunday Family Funday 6th Annual Street Fair here: And you can register for my free talk and live shoot here, via eventbrite. There will also be a few other GREAT photographers and presenters speaking at the street fair, too, like Al Espinosa, Miguel Quiles, David Bergman, and Daniel Norton. Hope to see you there!  

Adorama Sunday Family Funday, Tamara Lackey Photography    

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