Smith Mountain Lake

My awesome husband aged this weekend, and we celebrated his ability to continually get more attractive with each year by heading up to Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia for a long, restful, peaceful, blackberries-set-to-off extended weekend. A full-on vacation, with doggie & all. If you’ve ever visited the area, you know how simply gorgeous it is… (all captured with point & shoot)

We spent a good deal of time in the hot tub!

And lots of kayaking…

Can you believe my 6 year-old got this shot?? I don’t even want to tell you how many times we had to do this for it, though 🙂

…and this fun one? That water was COLD, too!!

Boating around the huge lake – Sophie was thrilled (“faster! faster!”) and sweet Caleb just wanted the ride to stop…

Back to solid ground, happy, happy.

…Which of course kicked off a water fight. I say water fight, but really it was more like two kids who were just recipients of water thrown in their direction….

Glory’s favorite part of the trip wasn’t all the swimming or romping or rolling about – but sniffing the clean mountain air…

And, finally, an image that I just love:

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