Shanah & Jamie

I met Shanah when she was a bridesmaid in Beth & Kyle’s wedding last year – I was so pleased when she called our studio to book her wedding after she got engaged! Shanah & Jamie had some gorgeous sunshine spilling over The Poe House up until the edge of nightfall. Shanah wore her mother’s wedding dress with such elegance, and Jamie spent most of his wedding day staring at his beautiful bride. Seriously. I also saw a number of unexpected familiar faces – of course Beth & Kyle and their family, but also a bunch of their mutual friends who I hadn’t seen since then, a friend of a friend from Boston who I had seen last at a wedding up there, and a newlywed couple whose images I had seen in the studio after our associate Martha had photographed them. All in all, I felt like I was among friends the entire day & evening…

Shanah’s & her mother with the lovely dress

It actually wasn’t that hot outside, I think this was just a funny coincidence of movement & nerves.

The guests waited for the ceremony to commence in various stages of anticipation…

Remember how I said that Jamie just kept looking at Shanah the entire day? i just pulled two frames from more than dozens and dozens…

Some fun portraits during the best light of the day…

The exceptionally formal photograph of The Cousins.

Jamie was given one of these by each of his groomsmen as they lined up for the ceremony..

Shanah’s grandfather stole the show! Great dancer 🙂

Super Cool CupCake Cake

The dance floor was FULL.

Beth, Kyle and Beth’s family just short of one year after their own wedding 🙂

Grandad and all the cousins. I genuinely love capturing these multi-generational images.

There were some serious moves going on around the dance floor.

The departure was a festive, raucous one. Usually the best kind!

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