S & B continued

Sasha & Barry are the most adorable couple ever…it’s official. I just got teary eyed watching the video of the proposal on their wedding website, again:) They met when Sasha interviewed for a job at Barry’s company. Sasha did not get the job, but she got something even better. A date with her future husband.

He proposed to her at the airport after she returned home from a trip to Greece with her mom…I love how you can hear people clapping in the background of their video. Apparently they had an audience:)
Staying hidden seems like the hardest part of the day, but Sasha was cool, maybe a little ready to get married, but hey, who can blame her?

I love the way that Barry is looking at Sasha in this image. After the ceremony, Sasha realized that Barry had been wearing a microphone the whole time. They had been whispering and exchanging looks like this the throughout the ceremony, and she blushed when she found out:)

The ring bearer did a great job! I think he had a little crush on me, or at least I was hoping he did. What a little stud.

The happy newlyweds!

Check out this fierce bridal party! Work it out!

Barry acted like he didn’t know how pose, but look at this guy! He’s a natural.

Sasha, you are gorgeous. And I am loving the soft rainbow flare in this photo.

Sasha, like me, is a shorty, and often needs a hand get up or down from high places. Good thing she had her big, strong husband around to help out.

Both of these photos are Sasha’s fabulous ideas. We stopped by the place that Sasha and I met years ago, Durham School of the Arts and when they spotted that motorcycle they both jumped on!

I love the color red, a lot…it always makes me think about love and passion…these two have no shortage of either of these things.

Sasha made these incredible table numbers herself, amoungst many of the other details of the day. I had been following her wedding preparation craftiness on her blog Charmingly Domestic and it was fun to see the final product. The adorable cake topper, complete with the couple’s pup, Gus, was custom made by Virtuosity Clay which can by found on Etsy.

The reception took place at Bay 7 and the venue was just as awesome as I was expecting it to be!

Thank you guys for such a great time! I thoroughly enjoyed photographing your wedding!

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