reDefine Show with Paula Poundstone

reDefine Show with Paula Poundstone

In this episode of reDefine, we talk with the very funny Paula Poundstone, one of the top 100 comedians of all time.  Paula joins us from her home in Los Angeles to share why being a stand-up comic is pretty much like being any other creative, you can get exhausted looking at your competition, instead of focusing on your own work.  Paula also shares why, after a diagnosis of OCD, she realized it was nearly impossible to corral her own self, which led straight to her very successful, and wildly unique creative style.

About Paula Poundstone

Comedian Paula Poundstone is delighting crowds on her hilarious national “Unauthorized Autobiography Tour.” In addition to touring the country, Paula can be heard regularly on NPR’s oddly informative weekly news quiz show, “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.” In 1992 Poundstone was the first woman to win a Cable ACE Award forBest Stand-Up Comedy Special for her HBO special “Cats, Cops, and Stuff.” An accomplished writer, Paula is currently writing a book for Harmony Books, a division of Random House, which she says is taking her a long time to write “because I’m writing it in real time.” Read more about Paula Poundstone on the reDefine Show website.  

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