reDefine Show with Matt Kloskowski

In this brand new episode of ReDefine Show, I speak with Matt Kloskowski, Lightroom guru, talented landscape photographer and Director of Education for Kelby Media Group, about his transition from sales to marketing to art. We met up at Photoshop World in Las Vegas, and he shared how he made his transition from an early job in sales at Caterpillar (interesting sidenote: his initial profession stemmed from choosing a major he’d heard would be easiest!) to where he is now, and how his round-the-clock efforts to further his impressive software skills have made all the difference. In this chat, Matt describes his fateful meeting with future partner in multiple endeavors, Scott Kelby (and what it’s really like to work for him) – and how he has furthered his career exponentially by hearing “not right now” as simply an invitation for more opportunity down the line. Smart stuff. If you’ve seen Matt Kloskowski on any of his tours or read any of his books or seen him on any of his shows (The Grid, Lightroom Killer Tips, Photoshop Killer Tips, and more), you’ll see this as quite an interesting side of him. All kinds of thank you to for their multi-year sponsorship of this program! You can see a crazy amount of fantastic educational content by other top-of-their-field Adorama TV hosts, Joe McNally, Mark Wallace, Richard Harrington, Bryan Peterson, Joe DiMaggio, and Gavin Hoey by checking out

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