reDefine Show with Doug Gordon

reDefine Show with Doug Gordon

In this episode of reDefine, we sat down with Doug Gordon, shock value master, and recent recipient of a UN Leadership Award.  We met up in New York and talked about how his unique, willing-to-cross-the-line personality has actually led to his very successful business, and if you have ever heard Doug speak or follow him on social media, you might understand why we had to edit this piece down just a bit.  But, we were left with an educational and excellent conversation.  

About Doug Gordon

Doug, a photographer/ slash teacher/ slash motivational speaker, was raised by penguins following a childhood boating accident. He graduated from high school with an astounding GPA of 74 and that was only because he could throw a baseball over 90mph. His SAT scores, while not  perfect, were very appropriate for his efforts. He continued his education with a one night class at Suffolk Community College, where he both learned that not all issues can be reduced to black or white and received his best sleep of his life, as he describes it. Read more about Doug Gordon on the reDefine Show website.  

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