reDefine Show Episodes with Conceptual Artists Amanda Diaz & Sara Lando

reDefine Episodes with Conceptual Artists Amanda Diaz & Sara Lando

These next two reDefine Show episodes both feature different kinds of Conceptual Photography. The first with Amanda Diaz focuses on portrait photography, and the second with Sara Lando focuses on her more mixed-media approach. So what is Conceptual Art? I found this description helpful to explain the overall thinking behind the style:

“A concept is an idea or thought, so the term conceptual art means literally ‘idea art’ – or art about ideas.”

I think it’s pretty striking how these two very talented artists redefined this definition with their own expression and flair.

Conceptual Portrait Photography


The so-talented Amanda Diaz and I chatted about her photography, specifically how she worked on a budget to create elaborate concepts.  And she offers awesome suggestions for getting started/moving forward if this is something that interests you.


The type of photography that inspires me is romantic and dreamy, almost pre-raphaelite. I admire all the different beauty in people and love sharing that with others in my photos. Many photographers pride themselves on their technical ability but I rely on my creativity and the valuable people that contribute to my ideas. The whole process from start to finish truly excites me. Photography is my passion and always will be a part of me and what I do in my life. – Amanda

Tamara-Lackey-reDefine-Show-Amanda-Diaz 1 Tamara-Lackey-reDefine-Show-Amanda-Diaz 2 Tamara-Lackey-reDefine-Show-Amanda-Diaz 3

Conceptual Mixed Media Photography

Tamara-Lackey-reDefine-Show-Sara-Lando 5 In this episode, I had this fantastic conversation with Italian artist Sara Lando while we were both in Dubai teaching at Gulf Photo Plus. We chatted about her unique and VERY COOL mixed media conceptual photography/art. If you haven’t seen her stand-out work before, take a look here – and see exactly how she does it:


Born and raised in Bassano del Grappa, my suitcase is always packed. I like individuals, I’m scared of people. I eat all my broccoli. There are few things I wouldn’t do to get the photo I have in mind, but I’ve never accidentally killed anyone (yet). I love to collaborate with people who are passionate about what they do, even when it has little to do with photography. I like to share what I know but I don’t do other people’s homework. I sleep too little. I take pictures. -Sara

Tamara-Lackey-reDefine-Show-Sara-Lando 3 Tamara-Lackey-reDefine-Show-Sara-Lando 2 Tamara-Lackey-reDefine-Show-Sara-Lando 1 As always, a huge thank you to! You check out this and other fantastic content by talented Adorama TV hosts Joe McNally, Mark Wallace, Richard Harrington, Bryan Peterson and Gavin Hoey by heading over to

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