reDefine Show Interview with Photographer Brian Matiash

On this episode of reDefine Show, I interview my friend, photographer Brian Matiash – educator, image maker and industry influencer – and he shares how he saved his creative soul by leaving corporate marketing.

Gaining experience from his time at Google, Sony, and Wacom, where part of his role was to study creatives and social media, Brian shares some intriguing observations in the interview. After working for other companies for years, and being nervous to leave as they provided a sort of safety net, he decided to go off on his own to reach his full creative potential. In order to do so, he and his wife had to make some tough decisions around finances, including what moving from the lovely Portland, Oregon to a place with a lower cost of living – like Nebraska – might mean for them while growing their businesses. 







Brian also has some amazing advice for all images makers on how to separate yourself from the creative pack. He believes that telling your story about an image – what it took to get the image, what were the challenges and what were the exciting parts – will set you apart from the pack. In his words, “differentiation is success”. Interestingly, he would much rather be remembered by his stories about his images than by the images alone.

For more detail and to learn the things Brian Matiash suggests new photographers skip over – namely refining your focus on photography subjects and style, and focusing on intent – check out the full interview now, live on Adorama TV!



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